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It can be expensive to buy original drives, especial 2.5″ SAS drives for a RACK or Prof Tower Server,,, but here are some cheap wayes.

Link – x3650 M2 M3 M4 Drive Caddy Tray :
Link – ServeRAID M5015 SAS/SATA Cont. :
Link – M5000 Advanced Feature Key :

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Link – System x X3650 M3 :
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  1. Can I use a bigger hard drive than an 146GB or do I have to buy specifically a 146GB server if I want to go for SATA?

  2. Hello PlayHouse, what would you buy if you want to serve yourself your own website? Which Rack Hardware, System Drives (SAS, SATA, M.2, etc…), Grafics and GB of Memorys?

  3. Hi, can you help me : i plan to re use a Dell T320 with standard 4TB SATA drive (new). With original standard raid controller with 2 array 4x4TB in raid 6 or freenas with controller @ IT mode. Its ok ?

  4. I heard some server mfg don't allow hard drives that are not theirs. Has that change ? I do firmware upgrades on my vmware hosts every 6 months or so. I just like to keep those up to date. Btw, esxi runs of dual SD cards so no HDs or RAID controller. Good video. thx

  5. Hii…
    If installing HPE 600GB SAS 10K SFF SC DS HDD Gen 9 for sever DL380 gen 6 will the driver receive it, (using Tray Gen 6)

  6. Hi great video..thx, i bought a Dell poweredge t410 to customise and learn.. It only reads SATA ssd not SAS eventhough the ssd interface says SAS interface. Do i need to firmware upgrade the RAID board?
    Thx for ur time?

  7. 10 TB drives are getting less expensive and I was wondering if I could put one of these 10tb drives in my Dell R720XD server. The DR720XD came with 2 tb sas drives but I would like to put in 1 or 2 10tb drives ? Has anyone else added a 10tb drive to a Dell server like the R710 or R720?

  8. This makes me feel a little better about using SATA drives or even old laptop drives in my HP DL380 G7 server. Still, are there any limitations to the size of the drives or total storage that must be taken into account?

  9. So I can, let's say, use a SATA HDD in a server/workstation Dell T3500 and it will work just fine? Thanks in advance.

  10. how do you connect these drives? every type of hard drive have different type of connectors…!!
    HP Proliant DL380 G6

  11. Got a used Dell t610 server to play around with. If I remove all server HD drives out in new drive win 7 on it will it work without any other setting changes?

  12. You state that the RPMs of SAS drives are higher than SATA… that's not necessarily true. The maximum RPM, yes, since they make 15K RPM SAS drives, and only made 10k SATA drives at one time, but whatever. The big advantage to SAS is that it sends and receives data at the same time (full duplex) SATA is only half duplex, so that makes it way, WAY faster. That means SAS can read and write at the same time, SATA can only read OR write at a time. DELL and HP are the big evil corporations that restrict the drives they'll let you use in them, or used to. Dell has started allowing third party drives to work without any sort of nag as of a couple years ago. EVO drives in servers tend to burn up. The PRO series drives are OK, but for SSD, it's highly recommended to use enterprise SAS SSDs like the Samsung SM863 or 863A

  13. I have 3 ssd in raid 0 for 2 years and 1 of them just failed. I was looking to something more reliable and I want to ask if SAS drives can outperform the SATA II SSD in read/write speed. 3 SSD in RAID 0 will go up to 1.2-1.3 GB/S write speed. Does 1.2 GB SAS really get to that speed or is just in theory.

  14. Hi I have a dell dell Poweredge R210 II and Poweredge R410 its possible to put sata hard drive to them 4TB 7.2K RPM SATA 3.5" 6Gbps Hard disk

  15. im really enjoying your videos im far from new to the world of builing pc's id built my first system buy the time i was 8 but servers are new to me i got a x3650 with a pair of 5645 xeons in it and 64gb of memory purely for hosting dedicated cs go server 5 ark servers and a minecraft server all at once and it seems to be doing just fine but i need more space but when i first turned it on i couldn't even finger out how to set up a raid array simple once i knew how to get there but finding my way around initially was a bit different …. so thanks for the how to videos 🙂

  16. ik this is an old video and you are probably not gonna reply but i was thinking that will this ssd:


    work on my IBM System X3550 M2 server?

  17. Personally I use SAS mechanical hard drives for bulk storage. Before use I do at least 2 of the following 4 things.

    1. Update the firmware. Yes you can do this with some RAID controllers. Even update all disks in one operation.
    2. Low-level format with sg3_utils to enable protection information type 2. This enhances data protection, because it lets the RAID controller know if data are corrupt. Even when the disk doesn't know. It requires a host bus controller to do it though. It can take days to complete on a large disk!
    3. Disable background media scan with sdparm_64. Otherwise the disk will be active all the time. At least the SAS disks I have used.
    4. Enable disk standby to lower the power consumption even further. Most RAID controllers never lets the disks sleep but the disks might have their own internal standby logic.

    I'm not sure points 3 and 4 above are advisable though. Perhaps data could be at risk. So I do them for workstations and not servers. And I test a lot!

  18. +My PlayHouse, I have a few questions here. I am not familiar with IBM servers. However, on HP servers, as far as updating the RAID controller, the most important factor is that ALL I/O TRAFFIC is halted. In other words, the storage enclosures (That have the controller cards; HP StorageWorks D2700) must remain powered on, but the server must remain connected but powered off. HP utilizes iLO to update firmware & manage everything. Also, I have rarely ever heard of a hard drive not being recognizable due to being too old. Usually, it's the "other" way around. I.E. – The firmware is too old, & the hard drive is too new. Also, using compatible SKU's / spare numbers with a particular server, is a good idea when you run what HPE calls SPP downloads. That's because, these have firmware files for HPE hard drives. However, if that hard drive wasn't designed for that manufacturer, then you'll have to update the hard drive firmware manually.

  19. For 2.5 inch SATA SSD can i remove the bracket and reuse the drive in a laptop? Is it easy to remove the bracket? Thanks!

  20. Hi Morten my friend, good video as usual, i wanted to ask you if you have ever used IO Accelerators, or like other PCIe Accelerator drives ? does it works well with Esxi ? thank you from switzerland. ++ fabrice

  21. Thank you for an excellent video Morten. I have questions: Can 2 market SSD be used in Raid 1? I know you cant mix hard drives and SSD in the same RAID. And if recent models can do that, which ones would they be ?


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