TUTORIALS – Hyperfast 20m/s Ultracompact Elevators Minecraft 1.6.4 and Future! (SP ONLY)


IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ BEFORE BUILDING / / / Scroll aaaaalll the way down for the menu.
and please leave your feedback 😉 Spent literally at least 5h on this. Editing was a b

Vital stuff to know before building. Please read ALL.

1. Download the world here
and test the elevator of your choice literally 100x, relogging a few times in between.

2. If you find it works 100% perfect usually but that one odd time you only get 3 blocks high and then fall back down, relog, it can be that the chunk is loaded exceptionally weirdly. I guarantee it will almost never happen. Happened once in my survival world out of about 50 times I reloaded the chunks.

3. These elevators, like most piston elevators are NOT guaranteed to work on smp at all. From my testing they can work but the success rate is not good enough to make them useful on multiplayer.

4. If you tested the elevators in the world download and they just don’t work reliably for you, I’m sorry, it’s the way your pc works with minecraft. Should work for most people.

5. About how good should my fps be? Fps wise, it can be 20 but it’s the strain of the server-side (which your computer decides how much more important either client or server-side is) that determines how reliable it will be. But if you get over 40 *while riding* the elevator it should definitely work, unless your computer is totally weird 😛

6. Please. Please please please double check everything during building and after building. You have no idea how many complaint messages I get where afterwards the person realises he/she did a stupid mistake. Thanks!

7. Please leave yo feedback 😉

8. Important: credits where credits are due people. The amazing found out that you can use this piston layout to double the speed of piston elevators. I actually found that layout too but didn’t realise you could make it work double the speed!! You *have to* subscibe to his channel, it’s the best technical minecraft channel on youtube imo. And there are crazy good ones. It might seem weird that I credit him down here, but all of my subscribers have seen this credit many many times.


1st track:
Blackmill – My Love

2nd track:
Blackmill – Miracle

Please buy Blackmill’s tracks to show some support 🙂

Menu: What may I serve you?

4×6 Showcase: 0:15
4×6 Tutorial: 0:42
4×4 Showcase: 5:53
4×4 Tutorial: 6:09

Nguồn: https://vnecon.vn/

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  1. How does this work. The 10 bps elevators push u up 1 block at a time and 1 tick later the other side pushes u up a block. Surely the bottom Pistons would push u up then the next Pistons would be pushed into ur feet and u wouldn't go up

  2. thx nice work…. u gotta big like from me 🙂

    but its just working on sp…. on a server u will stuck after 3 till 5 ups 🙁
    u know an elevator working on an  internet server? or could i set it slower?

  3. There was a mistake in the tuturial of the first elevator O.o you said the repeaters on the sides are on no delay, but they are, just on the smallest!

  4. Thanks for the 4×6 elevator it was easy to get out since I have a laggy computer plus i play on a server which doubles the lag but your design was brilliant since the glass held me in place making sure it didn't fail thanks again 😀

  5. I made an more compact design that dosen't need the obsidian on top….. I can put a world download to it if you want

  6. I am havering no probs apart from getting on sometimes it takes me halfway up then drops me again. Is there a certain place you have to stand?

  7. For unknown reason this does not work for me at all. My fps is 180-200 when I get in but I can't even go up by 10 blocks with making elevator or using your world.

    For me worked some of previous versions. Will add the link when I find it.


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