Thresh Montage – Best Thresh Plays S9


Thresh Montage – Best Thresh Plays S9
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1 – Culture Code – Make Me Move (feat. Karra) [NCS Release]
2 – Amadeus – Journey
3 – K.Safo & Alex Skrindo – Future Vibes (feat. Stewart Wallace) [NCS Release]

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  1. Riot need to fking fix the thing were when lets say tristana w and she is in the air but the q and the e thresh get her, like i play thresh and we get kills cuz of that shit but come on its so fking stupid

    Riot is like: if you put a ward and there is a wall in front of it,you wont have vision behind that wall,BUT mf's q has to fking follow you wherever you go and you can grab,hook,stun etc when the enemies are in the air even tho the abilities are close to the ground

    This game is so fking stupid 😂

  2. Hey guys i am looking for thresh main to duo with me in euw i was gold 1 last season if there is any one just reply me iam bronze 1 now
    72% win ratio with draven

  3. I use to things like him but i lost sense 😣😣😣 i remember that in 1 entire game i miss few hooks but now i miss 99🤣😣


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