THE PLATFORM Trailer (2020) Thriller, Netflix Movie


THE PLATFORM Trailer (2020) Thriller Movie © 2020 – Netflix.


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  1. Anybody else get that the government running this thing is socialist?

    – The top floor, central power ("The administration"), allows specific people into the system either via bureaucracy or crime, and is the only source of production (food)

    – The privileged (top floor) use the lack of accountability to abuse their position and get as much of the community fund as they can without regard to others' benefit.

    – The entire system is designed to train people to hate those who have more and disregard those who have less

    – Every month favoritism changes (like new socialist regimes)

    – The administration never shares any information with the inmates, and the information they share with their own people is lies (like the actual number of floors)

    – Joining the system can offer unmerited rewards (like academic accreditation in exchange for participation in a social experiment)

    – No behavior encourages serving your fellow men, no opportunities for productivity exist, and no one can improve their station without the help of the central authority

    Honestly, the only way in which The Hole isn't like a socialist system is that the people who are cooking the food seem to be doing a good job

  2. The ones above don’t talk to the ones below and the ones below don’t talk to those above. Just like the real world.

  3. This movies kinda messed up, but it does point out a flaw in our society. Basically, everyone who's rich and wealthy and in power are raping the world of it's resources while everyone else who is struggling to pay the bills or worse are not getting fed past their 200th floor……

  4. This is the WRONG time to be putting this movie out. Folks are fighting over TP If we get confined for months with no one working and food gets tight? This is the WRONG time for this movie to be coming out.

  5. 'If everybody only ate the food that they needed the food would get down to the lowest level.' How relevant for 2020.


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