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  1. what i didnt understand was why not sit on the platform wait until it goes all the way down and up again and boom your on level 0

  2. Love it when you add a spice of humour to your videos! Makes it so so entertaining lol "my dog wouldn't even eat it cause she dead" oh go the dark humour caught me off guard 😂

  3. Pannacotta / Goreng was the message. I will explain it to you in few simple steps.

    First step: remember interview part, when lady asked: do you have gluten or lactose intolerance. Allergic to seafood, peanuts or any kind of fruit? Pannacotta has milk and fruits in its recipe. That's was the test if Goreng can potentially eat pannacotta.

    Step two: remember when Goreng looked at the platform and there were snails? He admitted: no one touched them. Reference to seafood, as an allergic trigger for a lot of people.

    Step three: Goreng was called SNAIL by his first cellmate Trimagasi, as allegory to a "person who, by its nature, provokes allergiс reaction". Allergic was used as analogy to Goreng's idea to ask people at top levels to eat responsibly.

    Step four: Goreng took with himself book called Don Quixote, who's character can be described as "SNAIL" therefore allergic for "high society".

    Step five: Lady with dog said: no one has asked for a book before, only guns, knives, baseball bats etc. Reference to the kind nature of Goreng.

    Step six: when black guy joins Goreng he lied (not sure) about him being religious person (for safety purpose). As a result, when he said: WE HAVE ONLY ONE GOD, atheistic people (modern society) laughed and shitted on him (religion).

    Step six: As movie progress we see, how Goreng is trying to use different tactics to convince people to not overeating (forming new paradigm / religion). At first he asks kindly, at second he threatens them, and after black guy joins him, he even kills them, until they meet "WISE MAN" (a reference to the spread of Christianity and the Crusades).

    Step seven: Goreng is the reference to Christ. At level 333, which is obviously is reference to 666 (2 people per level) and prolly Dante, he decides to sacrifice himself and an idea of pannacotta being a message. He fed "innocent child". This is metaphorical reference to the crucifixion of Jesus.

    Step eight: As we know Christ "Raised on the third day" is derived from Hosea 6:1–2: Come, let us return to the Lord; for he has torn us, that he may heal us; he has struck us down, and he will bind us up. That was described in the last scene, when Goereng (Christ) went with Trimagasi (God) to heaven from cave (into which he was placed after the crucifixion).

    This is the reference of Trimagasi being God and Goreng trying his flesh.
    1 John 4:2 This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God.

    FINAL: Pannacotta was a message to people from God through his son Christ (Goreng) who sacrificed himself for all human sins (333 levels of sins, actually). And how history showed, people didn't understand the message and saw only hair in pannacotta instead.

  4. The little girl is not real. It's just a hallucination. TAKE HINT: Goreng reads his book, Don Quixote at the lowest (333) level, but clearly he has not taken that book with him as we saw him eat the pages of it a month ago. He is hallucinating of reading the book, so surely the kid is not real too.

  5. The ending was awful, no spoilers on my part but the ending not only made no sense. Yes it was symbolic but it made no fucking sense after the movie spent so much time being real.

  6. If you dont see that this actually a twisted version of reality , then its deeper meanings will fly right over your head , obviously , however the Social message is clear , greed , and how the common people need to become better , The chance for a social change is right now , dont miss it

  7. Today I watched this movie and the only thing I can tell you about this movie is that it is F*CKING GROSS!!

  8. Watching this during the Corona outbreak really made me grateful for everything I have. Especially after people raiding stores and being overly selfish, I'm just glad I have some food at all 😅

  9. The helpless victim from this madness is children. And the message (reason and only reason) we need to stop doing this madness is also our children.

  10. They don't change cell mate every month. They go to 202 not 252. They give miharu's child the Panna cotta not cheese. And also not once does it say it's in a dystopian future. have you even watched the movie

  11. The conclusion and message of the story is you need to have a messenger to send a message for it to be understood. The panna cotta has no messenger and the chef dont understand why no one eat it and thought it was because of the hair. Just like this movie… there is no messenger and we need to interpret it ourselves to understand it and will sure be misunderstood ourselves.

  12. They wait for the food and didn't really work for it except to wait tho the difference is you can take whatever you want. Add some some enforcement for "equal distribution" and guess what system resembles closely to it… but then again it also resembles another thing, a regular prison. I don't even know what I'm talking about.

  13. She did not eat the panna cotta people (it was a hallucination), it did get to the top but the administration (government) didn’t understand the message. Remember the scene when the head guy gets the panna cotta with the hair in it? He thinks that is why it was sent back. The administration totally miss the message. It is a metaphor of the government not understanding the poor. A person in the comments helped me understand this.

  14. Maybe the solution is a system that is neither Socialist nor Capitalist. Maybe the combination of both? A balance between the two.

  15. The Platform theory for me symbolizes the 666 anti Christ government. The rapture already took place on that time and only the one that will stay or survive until the end will be save. Different people were in the place along with them are the things that symbolize s their personality as their priority in life. All of their goal is to have a diploma which serves as a sign that they've been through all hardships, torture, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The child or the girl is the symbol of a Messiah, the message. Once u surpass all those level and reach the message you'll be saved. By doing this, the Love in the heart of 2 guys to help and share the food until to the last level, and fight for the truth and equality concern and Love, little they know that they already reach the Messiah. The "Pana cota" symbolizes the Faith in us. It's so soft and fragile that's why we have to protect it. As we see, they. Cover it with a glass. Whatever trials that come their way and still they managed to preserved it until the end, then they win the battle .The hope of Jesus shines brightly even on our darkest day. "Now, FAITH is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see".Heb 11:8-16

  16. I hold little hope though, the excess selfish panick buying caused by corono virus literally showed us, perfect timing for this film to be released

  17. Everyone gets a question to be on the menu
    This is a show to be NOT greedy
    Like the pana cotta it was ordered by the childs mother
    The star the guy ordered snails
    The food they ordered is the food they should only eat

  18. She's not actually looking for the child. She's feeding her that's why she's going up and down despite the danger she might face in each level. That's why the child still survive.

  19. I kinda wanna see some episodes of this but every episode is a different person on a different level like going from 123456 or just going in random order like maybe the guys below goreng and the old guy or maybe the people on level 333

  20. Trump giving tax breaks to billionaires while cutting social security and healthcare is the best example of how fuckup is the society


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