STEAM AUTUMN SALE 2017 & Steam Awards Nominations Badge! Fall Black Friday Sale! Best Deals & Dates!


Quick coverage of the Steam Autumn Sale 2017 (aka Fall, Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sale), plus the Steam Awards Nominations Badge! Includes the best deals/discounts and complete details! The sale is on for 6 days, dates are November 22nd until November 28th (including Cyber Monday)!

Including the Steam Awards Nominations & Badge, which can be leveled up to four times! Otherwise there are no trading cards, no stickers and no meta-game this time around. Get your favourite games cheap, while you can!

Here’s a link to the Steam Store:

A link to SteamDB to check out sales, sale histories & currency conversion:

Plus a backup link for sale histories (comparison shopping):


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  1. "i might also miss some here" (in my head) dark souls 3 dark souls 3 dark souls 3 dark souls 3 dark souls 3 dark souls 3 dark souls 3 dark souls 3

  2. I got $50 but idk if i should save them for the winter sale.

    Killer Instinct just released like a month ago and its $20, thats 50% off. What a deal…

  3. Hey man I wanted to pick up some games which are on sale. Should I pick them in this sale or wait for the summer or winter sale. Waiting is no issue for me I just want those games as cheap as possible. Thanks

  4. They seem to have killed short-term special prices when they started offering refunds. If they offer a temporary, lower-price-than-the-sale-price, they'll just create more refund requests.

  5. why is call of duty black opps soo expensive ? very old game 2012 every year i check price never played

  6. How confident can we be that the prices will stay the same? There's a good discount on Killer Instinct, which I want, but I wonder if they will highlight it later at a lower price point? Haven't they been known to do that, or am I misremembering? Thanks for covering this so prompty, GrobeMan!


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