Steam Autumn Sale 2017 – 5 GREAT PC Games RELEASED In 2017


So the Steam Autumn Sale 2017 is currently under way and there are a ton of great games on sale. In this video, I go over 5 GREAT Games you can get that were released this year. So what games have you bought so far during the Steam Autumn Sale? Let me know in the comments down below. Thanks for watching!

#5 – Prey

#4 – NieR Automata

#3 – Vanquish

#2 – Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus

#1 – The Evil Within 2

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  1. Wolfenstein doesn't run well though. TONS of graphical issues for a multitude of buyers such as myself (mind you, my specs are above recommended) Issues ranging from game not running to skyboxes glitching out; falling through floors, Npcs clipping through walls and floors (that are quest related so you cant finish without reloading the save)

  2. @CultOfMush can you try this website out?

  3. Just built my pc this year, about 6 months ago.
    I've been hearing about the summer sale and winter sale but I completely forgot about the autumn sale! You the best mush!, also love your profile pic!
    It was actually my son that pointed it out! <3

  4. PUBG is also on sale down to $22.49 on greenman gaming. Plus the crates you earn can be sold and have money be made back.

  5. Picked up Hollow Knight for $11 last night, have around 13 hours sunk into it since then… I have no live ;-;

    Also, fuck the Crystal Guardian

  6. I picked up Dishonoured 2, Imperial Assassin’s Pack & Dishonoured: Death of The Outsider all for under $24 (Canadian) on Humble Bundle. That’s cheaper then just Dishonoured 2 all on it’s own on Steam. Which is a pretty awesome deal since Death of The Outsider only came out a couple of months ago.


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