so I added guns to RLCRAFT…


In an alternate universe of our RLCRAFT world, we add a gun mod to get revenge on all the dragons that have terrorized us.

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  1. So the last RLCRAFT video got demonetized. I’m going to reupload it and add more footage to it. Hopefully this video doesn’t get demonetized too.

  2. I love how RLCraft and techguns kinda stay consistent with reality on the power of these things. Like if you have the best sword i existence, dragons are still massive fire breathing winged reptiles. But when you get a gun realistically you can easily tear them apart

  3. I remember last year I think where I downloaded this gun mod into pixelmon. I was painting the place with blood and everyone in my discord was calling me a monster when I clipped some of the best parts. Too bad I lost the clips.


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