SNIPER ELITE 4 – Mission 8 (All Challenges)


◄ATTENTION: When I’ve made this video the “No Manual Reloading” challenge was glitched. Even if you don’t reload during the entire mission it will always show as incomplete at the end of the level.►

Sniper Elite 4 – Mission 8 (Allagra Fortress), all challenges on the same run, (Cranium Crusher, Pressure Cooker, No Manual Reloading, Rapido and The Sound and the Fury).

Allagra Fortress:

►Cranium Crusher
-Get 20 head shots with FG42

►Pressure Cooker
-Destroy the three Hydrogen Peroxide plant valves in under 5 minutes

►No Manual Reloading
-Complete mission without manual reloading

-Spend less than two minutes at a resting Heart Rate

►The Sound and the Fury
-Get 25 or more sound-masked kills

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  1. trash video you really wasted so much time and opportunities to get sound mask kills and just use you sniper if sitting still to breath heavy raise your lungs quicker..really bad and you didn't do all the challenges so you failed…

  2. no manual reloading is for me fixed. you need to play only with silence pistol and do the primary objectives only. the jet plane. shoot the torpedo when he is in the sky, that cost 1 bullet


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