Relax with BLACKHEADS EXTRACTION and country music (156) | Loan Nguyen


Blackhead extract video. This video (156) is the last part of a customer of the previous 2 videos (154, 155). I divided it into 3 parts to share with you. Like, comment and subscribe to watch the next videos
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DD Groove của Kevin MacLeod được cấp phép theo giấy phép Creative Commons Attribution (
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  1. I really like to watch such video, only one thing would wish to ask – if it possible, to clean gloves

  2. Inconsistent popping. The ones you pick out still have a core left behind. Some you nail perfectly.

  3. Ummm, you take a needle and pierce the skin to get the pimple out, which a pimple is full of bacteria, then you use that same needle to do all of the pimples. Isn't that just spreading the bacteria causing risk of infection?

  4. OMG that was just the forehead!!!! Fab video but we need part 2 of this client please Loan. Pretty Please 🙏😊

  5. As a long time viewer of these videos, why, why, why, is the pore debris put on the glove fingertip and not on the back of the glove hand??!! I accept the fact that the debris must be saved to (1) show the customer the results of money spent and (2) so when the gloves are removed and turned inside out that makes for easy disposal of it all. But, with all the complaints I have read about viewers not wanting to have to look at the “disgusting dirty gloves,” wouldn’t putting most of the debris outside of the view screen be a good compromise?

  6. Pretty good, but would have been better if some of those got a real two-fisted squeeze rather than one thumb.

  7. I am not at all happy with these extractions. Half of them are incomplete, although you can see the bits and pieces poking out of the little hole, she does not go back to them and finish them off by squeezing. Besides, whenever she cannot pull out a blackhead at the first attempt, she pierces the client's skin again, causing bleeding. And we all know what happens to half-emptied blackhead filled pores and what can happen by smearing dirty blood all over the skin.

  8. Loan…………….The, pops, up, are, better, than, the, pull, ups. And, you, couse, less, tauma, to, the, skin. 😀😀😀

  9. I think I'd like it better if the remains weren't displayed on the gloves like trophies. Yuck. Other than that, great video, as usual.

  10. Thank you Loan for posting these on almost a daily basis! It gives me something to look forward too! Stay safe sweetie!

  11. You should have seen how happy Opie was when I told him we were going zit gigging for a third day in a row.

  12. Hi Ms Loan 🙋💜😘 it is always such a pleasure to watch your videos 😍 You are efficient, thorough, meticulous, gentle and sanitary. Thank you for giving me a few minutes of calm and respite from the chaos in the world 🌍 I pray you, your husband, family and staff are all safe and healthy 🙏 Be well my friend 💜💋


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