NVIDIA Quadro P400 vs. AMD RX 570 | Rendering Vegas 15 & 3DMark Benchmark | Battle of Two GPU Cards


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Program: Vegas Pro 15. Quality Setting: 4K/60fps 4-sample Video Rendering. Video Length: 30 sec. Use CPU: FX-8370, GPU: Quadro P400, Radeon RX 570. Memory: 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz. Game Benchmark: 3DMark Fire Strike Test.

Note: Vegas Pro version 15 supports GPU video rendering for RX game cards. The old version of Vegas Pro 14 doesn’t have this support.


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  1. Nice, I plan on buying a p400. Friend selling me his for cheap. Good video, the commercial killed it for me 2 minutes in so I'm done watching. Don't know what Cheddar's baby back ribs have to do with PC hardware but, ok lol. That's like going to AutoZone and finding tampons for sale WTF

  2. How to include a video card in the render? I put a check mark on "alloy legacy GPU rendering" but render only the CPU. vegas 15 pro. I have rx 580 8gb

  3. Hello Friend! I have the Gigabyte Radeon RX570 Gaming 8Gb GPU and I use Vegas Pro 15. But my Vegas Pro doesn't recognize my GPU, and when I enter the video device setup in preferences, the only option the system shows is "Windows Grapichs Card", and when I render any video Vegas doesn't use my GPU. Can you tell me how to solve this problem?

  4. This comparison makes no sense. These cards aren't even in the same category let alone performance. A P1000 would be a better comparison.

  5. ..plz help me…..i have an i5 2500S @ 2.7ghz….after bottelneck will i get better fps then rx 560 on a rx 570 plzz bro help plz


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