Nvidia Quadro for NVENC? – My First Quadro & Journey to Troubleshoot OBS Studio


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I’ve been reaching some limitations when it comes to GPU hardware encoding with NVENC that I wanted to resolve – performance issues with OBS Studio, making OBS Studio record another instance of itself for tutorials, and recording Premiere Pro with NVENC while CUDA is active.
I bought a Nvidia Quadro P400 to try and resolve these issues, but it wasn’t the smoothest journey. Let’s see what went down.

Quadro P400 PRODUCT LINK: (affiliate)
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Video Encode and Decode GPU Support Matrix (NVENC Supported Quadros) –
How to pick a GeForce Card for Nvenc:

Support threads for Premiere Pro + OBS Nvenc:
OBS Forums –
Adobe Forums –
Nvenc Premiere Plugin Thread –

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  1. Quadro K600 is a powerful little card that can overclock to 1.2 Ghz and still run stable. Great card for video editing, CAD work, and Photoshop….. and fits into SFF computers with a low profile bracket. No external power required either….

  2. I have a question. So I have an nvidia quaddro k620 as the only GPU in my PC. I recently started streaming games. I noticed that my streams lag a lot. I thought maybe that's because my GPU is underpowered. Same lag and frame drops happened whenever I use OBS to record gameplay. Recording normal screen doing computer stuff records just fine. But as soon as the game opens it starts dropping frames. Again I thought its my GPU. Then I installed nvidia's dedicated streaming and recording software. When I use it to record or stream it works absolutely fine! No frame drops or anything. I can't use it to stream professionally though because of the lack of overlays and stuff that OBS provides. So what is it? Is OBS having an issue? Because if it was my hardware then it would drop frames in nvidia's own screen recording and streaming software as well.
    Here is my PC's specs
    core i5 3.0ghz
    16GB DDR4 RAM
    Nvidia quaddro k620 2 gb graphics card.

    Please help. I don't want to spend money to upgrade my hardware if that's not even the problem. Thanks!

  3. i would have just got a used 1050 and then take the cooler off, put on a cheap heatsink and turn the power limit down to 50%.

  4. Men, would you make some similar content related to video sdk development? What the benefits for granular setup vs some high level features utilization? (ffmpeg)

  5. well… i can only say that, at least for my 2. system, the geforce and quadro drivers get along. I´m running a gtx 770 and a quadro k1200 in that machine and it runs just fine. mind that I use it without any monitors conected at all, bc I am using rdp from my first machine to control everything needed.

  6. Great video, glad to see someone else giving the entry-level Quadro cards some love. Apart from encoding, they are very useful indeed for giving 4k output via DP 1.2 and video acceleration to a PC that won't be used for gaming/any 3D work. The Quadro 410/K600 especially are extremely cheap but all have DP 1.2, and for 4k desktop use there is no discernible difference between one of those cards and my 1080ti.

  7. thanks for this video; I was looking into building a 2xGTX 1080 TI + 2xQuadro P4000 on the same motherboard for the same purposes of faster editing with the quadros, and faster 3D rendering with the GTX.. now I know I won't go into that mess 😉

  8. Does it help with the OBS problem at 99% GPU load?
    I have problems to get steady renderd frames in OBS @ 1440p60 when my GPU hit's full 99% load, without limiting the game FPS.

  9. I know it's an older video, but this is really interesting. With your testing of the new OBS beta, do you think a budget quadro is still a viable solution for a dedicated NVENC card? Essentially, what are your thoughts on a dedicated NVENC card almost a year and a half after you made this video?

  10. Wow I am glad I just saw this. I have a quadro 4000 2gb and I installed drivers. I got the black screen red lines and a cursor with the drivers. Worked fine with a display out of it before. I would have just taken it to the e waste facility or attempted the toaster oven baking method.

  11. Thanks for your content .. I will like to ask you .. If you recommend the quadro p400 with a intel pentium g4560 + 16 ram to stream with nvenc at 720p60fps …. and another thing …did you find any solution to that alert of Codecs AMD & NVIDIA … because I have the same alert on a laptop with a Nvidia MX920 2gb Vram

  12. I changed my encoder from nvenc x.264 to x.264 and I tried to back to nvenc x.264 and noe I get the same error and I don't use any adobe products on my pc

  13. i have a gtx 1060 6gb and if i buy a gtx 1070 could i plug it in and just have it work. i dont use and adobe tools while recording just the game and obs

  14. Would anyone know what settings to use for a Quadro M2200? I’m recording gaming and it’s not quite as lossless as I need.

  15. So I just ordered a Quadro p400 for super cheap and I'm planning on streaming with obs. When I normally stream pubg my fps dips. Will streaming with a Quadro p400 take all the load and not affect my gameplay fps when streaming?

  16. If i use quadro for render my stream is quality will be better than GPUs NVENC? Today Nvenc has terrible quality when i have a lot of details, woods, water, particles.

  17. I picked up a PNY Quadro P400 yesterday for $40 on a local site FB page. Now I have one and I don’t know what to do with it haha. But I couldn’t pass it up for $40

  18. There use to be a time when we had to modify a config file in adobe to utilize a non supported cuda card. You just had to add the name of the card to a text file. Maybe that method is still around in CC 2018 and maybe it will work.

  19. my gf wants a new cheap pc just for designing and rendering on cad, sketchup, photoshop and sometimes games like the sims, would a p400 as the main and only Vcard be enough? a p600 could be possible but would risk her budget, i was considering a 1050ti at first but just right now i'm looking into the quadro cards.

  20. I have a GTX 1080 capping out at 100% while streaming, which causes these problems. I have a spare GTX 660, will this work, to an extent?

  21. I would love for you to circle back to this through the lens if pcie lans. Aka, how many pci e lanes does one actually need. How many did you use in the rig in this episode? Did you have a ton of sata drives or m.2. drives in there as well?

  22. I get the same "failed to start" error when I use NVENC as the encoder. I don't even use adobe premier pro but have the same graphics card and was hoping to stream 1080p without dropped frames :/


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