Nvidia Quadro 2000: $20 Prebuilt-friendly Graphics Card


Need a graphics card for your prebuilt desktop, but only have $20 to spend? This video will show you the card to buy…or not.


Guide for INF modding Nvidia drivers:

Guide for modding Fermi BIOS:

Download for Quadro 2000 to GTS 450 BIOS:
I am NOT responsible for any damage caused by this ROM. Know what you’re doing before using it.

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  1. A few more tidbits of info that didn't make it into the video:
    0. I forgot to include this at the end, but a HUGE thank you goes out to u/jordepic on Reddit for alerting me to the HD 8570's existence.
    1. The idle clock bug happens at stock clocks as well. You can fix that by flashing a new clock table, but at that point you might as well drop 391.35 and stick with 377.83.
    2. Regarding the bit at the end about "motherboard with issues with HD5000+/GF600+", I'm referring to boards that have trouble with PCIe 2.1/3.0 cards. The board shown has a VIA PT894 chipset; I've never tested one personally but others have experienced POST failure when using PCIe 3.0 cards on their PT880 boards. YMMV
    3. I had a look at the model number for the GDDR5 modules, they're K4G10325FG-HC04. Those are rated for 5Gbps. That means at stock the VRAM is running at barely over half its rated speed. I'm probably being held back by the memory controller on the GPU itself; when I'm not overclocking the core I can max the memory slider in Afterburner but I have to dial back the memory clocks a bit when I overclock both.
    4. Gears of War 4 also supports cards with Tier 1 resource binding, so I could've tested that as well. Not like there would've been any point, Halo 5 was bad enough.
    5. The October patch for Quake Champions pushed up the oldest "approved" Nvidia driver to >399.24, so it'll complain every time you try to play on a Fermi card. It's only downhill from here 🙁

  2. am using quadro 2000 too. but from last few days it's heatup and temperature goes to 90+ while playing Old game.
    what should i do.

  3. ——————————————————————————-

    _ Аnd GTA V = *45-55 FPS (medium settings) _

    *Monitor resolution = 1280×1024 (75Hz)


    CPU i5-2400 = 3.1-3.2GHz (4 core)

    RAM 12GB (8GB+4GB) DDR-3

    Quadro 2000 (GF106-875-KA-A1) // (max temperature = 75-76С) …

    Motherboard: MSI B75A-G43 Gaming (MS-7758)

    Power Supply: Chieftec GPS-650A8 = 650W



  4. Can i use it to game fortnite if not then what kind of games can it play, and can this video card able to fit on a lenovo PC on Ebay
    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lenova-M91P-4480-Core-i5-8GB-Ram-400Gb-Win-7-key-code/233190037571 . Please reply Thanks you

  5. Is there a link for a good driver for a quadro 2000? Whenever I download mine from Nvidia it eventually starts crashing.

  6. Well, I'm better using 377.83 quadro drivers, I don't want to use the GTS drivers again because it gives me troubles of stability and DX12 support is shit, but I want to know how you make the bios custom clocks you made. I use OC @770mhz and it works fine but yours looks quite better.

  7. I flash my quadro with your bios. Thanks for share, but i have a problem. I cannot pass 700mhz oc, when i get higher screen just go off in furmark. The power limit of pci-e causing this? I get max voltage.

  8. i had a quadro in a hp workstation laptop and it speced with a gtx 330 mobile i knew it overclocked well and ran most d x 9 games like skyrim,crysis 2 and final fantasy 14 great

  9. I have one of these(different style cooler) in my ghetto cardboard box Dell Optiplex 780 motherboard build with a Q6600 (tape modded to 3.0GHz) and an Optiplex 3010 psu from a computer like the one in the video. Thanks for doing this video, as no one else bench marked it.

  10. Ay! He's finally back. damn good video Sir, didn't feel like it was a 15minute video with how well presented the information was

  11. One can find a 1G used chinese AIB 750ti (colorful, galax etc) for 30 usd before shipping on taobao, unfortunately in the NA region the shipping'll put it over probably aliexpress pricing

  12. Well, at this point I'd liken your videos to a rich chocolate — we don't get them too often but when we do they're simply a delight.


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