NVIDIA GeForce MX150 – Still Worth It In 2019?


The NVIDIA Geforce MX150 graphics card has been included in a lot of entry level notebooks and ultrabooks but is upgrading to it really worthwhile? To determine that we look at the MX150 4GB’s performance in gaming and professional applications, across a wide variety of benchmarks. Is this really one of the best value graphics cards for cheap gaming notebooks around?

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  1. Honestly, serious gamers know better and don't hope, but know through extensive first-hand experience and research. No question marks.

  2. ATTENTION! I had an MX150 on a Acer Swift 3. After Windows upgrade to 1903 I never has been able to use my graphic card on my laptop because it was producing Blue Screen of Death. I sent the laptop to Acer twice, once they did the recovery and the second time the they changed the mother board… The problem never been solved. On Windows forum, different users were claiming the same issues with different brands laptop, so I suppose the failure came from graphic card. At least I used the Amazon warranty to change it with a different PC.

  3. I think that they should use the gtx 1650 for its energy efficiency and Decent performance. I've noticed a lot of other Budget to mid range gaming laptops we're using this specific card.

  4. Does anyone know how to record an MX150 laptop's gameplay using software only? I know how to do it with an external capture card, but OBS on this laptop just records a blank, black screen no matter how I configure the settings. It won't even show my desktop. Shadowplay is unsupported, so unless there's someway to make my Intel HD graphics chipset see what my MX150 is displaying, I don't know what to do.

  5. My laptop also Nvidia Mx 150 and i tried a few triple A game like ,Resident Evil 2,Star wars Jedi Fallen Order,Sekiro Shadow Die Twice and it works well but not to another triple A games like Control, Gears 5 & Assasins Creed Oddysey..may this help u…

  6. Ive got acer aspire 5 with 16 gb ram, core i7 and mx150, so why does
    every game lag as shit? i barely get 20 fps on games older than 2005

  7. Ive got acer aspire 5 with 16 gb ram, core i7 and mx150, so why does
    every game lag as shit? i barely get 20 fps on games older than 2005

  8. Do you recommend me the msi ps42, i need it as a software engineer student, can i install linux on it and do i really need the nvidia geforce 150x on it or it isn't necessary for a software engineering student, thanks

  9. Let me summarize as a person that occasionally delves into Premiere Pro and and like good games. Yes, yes it is. The performance boost is amazing between integrated Intel and the MX150.

    HOWEVER, it has it's limits which are necessary to know.
    Wanna play a newer game (on middle-ish graphic quality) while watching YouTube or movie on VLC? All good.
    Wanna run Premiere Pro and Audition at the same time for some movie making? All Good.
    Wanna play a newer game (on middle-ish graphic quality) and record it in any good quality? You Assed Out.


    In order to record good gameplay for game Frostpunk, you need to set to basically medium quality, and record at 720p at 60FPS. Record, NOT stream. Streaming would take you to a bit lower quality than medium and 720p at 30FPS.
    Check Frostpunk recommended specs of the game to get your bearings.

  10. See Mx it’s really good for a few games but the graphics one is a really good if I had to choose what to buy I whould get the graphics I think

  11. Is Skyrim fine for these specs? I personally think it should be okay to play Skyrim and even the new game M&B II Bannerlord with this graphics card on my Acer when it comes out.

  12. The V-Ray rendering engine comment is wrong. In the 3D industry CPUs are the dominant way to render while GPUs are not. Also the CPU and GPU dont use the same algorithms to calculate the final image – in other words the results from CPU and GPU will differ as they use different methods and features inside V-Ray. Also GPUs dont support all features within the render engine /V-Ray/ so in many cases its useless to use GPU rendering except for previews.

  13. jesus, it's a yes or no question that doesn't need 12min of rambling about what laptop is better is the MX150 still good enough for today?

  14. this laptop will suit me because of the size style etc. i only play wow classic, blizzard official server, will intel 620 be enough for it?

  15. I copped the razer blade stealth with the upgraded graphics for $950 USD with a student discount from the Microsoft store


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