NVIDIA Geforce MX150 Gaming Performance 2020!


Hello Guys and Today I’m going to show you the Gaming Performance on the NVIDIA Geforce MX150 with all the new games! So the NVIDIA Geforce MX150 is a laptop graphics card that offers good value for the money for the budget segment of laptops. For $500-$600, this GPU offers enough performance for light gaming and as this is a dedicated GPU, this also does offer the extra performance boosts that you would get off of a extra GPU. There are newer models of this same GPU that were released this year but performance improvement on those is not there and the MX150 still performs the same as the GT 1030 or MX250. I feel like for a budget system this performs well after the tests I did before on the channel but this time we’ll look into more of the newer more popular games to see if this can still support them and can give you a at least playable experience. You can get this GPU with many budget laptops but the one that I’ll have here will be the ASUS Vivobook S Ultra to test the games with.

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Specs Of The Laptop:
Intel Core i5-8250U
NVIDIA Geforce MX150
Windows 10

Games Tested And FPS:
Star Wars Jedi The Fallen Order: Low at 720p | 25-35 FPS
Red Dead Redemption 2: Low at 720p | 30-35 FPS
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare: Low at 720p | 35-45 FPS
The Outer Worlds: Medium at 720p | 35-45 FPS

Gameplay Provided By MX150 Gaming:

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  1. The performance is actually poor… Your CPU & GPU temperature is VERY high, in a while your system will blow up, plus the fps for the 720 is little…
    Got exactly the same specs as your's and i get 45 fps minimum on gtaV and 72 fps minimum on Project cars on 1080, medium preset. Plus the temperature on the cpu is 75 max under heavy load and 100% performance and the gpu 68 max under the same conditions….You better watch your system

  2. Bro, why do you always talk like that? are reading? dude fix your tone, you sounds like reading in every of your videos

  3. Ok it runs COD MW campaign but does it run multiplayer without any crashes? (If you know what I mean, those terrible DX error at clicking multiplayer in the main menu… :/)

  4. https://youtu.be/DfeIP6bMdJk
    I also tested Jedi fallen other
    On 768 high it can go around 25 to 30 fps most of the time which is decently playable.
    So on low 720 it can perform much better.

  5. so basically, the MX150 is only good for eSports nowadays, I won´t play newer games on 720p medium, that´s just too ugly for my taste and not even 60 fps there. CSGO is the way to go with this GPU


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