My Massive iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing!


We’ve got a bunch of tech from Apple to unbox today! Full reviews on the iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 coming soon!

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  1. I bought the 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 last November for my bday and don’t really see the point in upgrading. I will though upgrade my Smart Keyboard Folio to the Magic Keyboard w/ track pad 🤓 Great video!

  2. Better to move open source amd i like to use ubuntu os in my dell vostro laptop even i have windows i will use ubuntu and i hate closed oss
    Jai Hind open-source software

  3. Was think I should get a new computer. I still have the MacBook Pro with the cd drive in it. I know old. But i need one with a lot I use protools I am a sound engineer so edit music and record. Does the air have enough power and storage is my question 🤔

  4. Here I am, borrowing money from my sister to wipe; as I wish I has one of these epic ipads for me and my girlfriend to share as artists

  5. i don’t find a use for the iPad cause I bought the pro in 2017 and I don’t really use it that much besides casually drawing, but great video nonetheless homie

  6. Why do you call yourself an average consumer? You get sponsored left right and centre and buy a shit ton of shit which you never use. Not average 😂😂lol

  7. These youtube influencers are making millions by just unboxing multiple thousand dollar gifts from big companies and talk about what’s inside the box while your average consumers are struggling to keep their jobs at the cashier. What wrong with this world?

  8. I feel like they made a whole new ass iPad Pro just to promote the Magic Keyboard.

    Its essentially the same i dont think most poeple would notice speed differences and such between 2018 and 2020, and im not sure how many people use tablet cameras.
    However ill wait to see more, either way ill keep my 2018 and who knows maybe the 2020 will be a uge difference from 2018s. Idk im just more hype for the keyboard rather than the tablet.

  9. how about motion tracking and wii like games on the the iPad that would be perfect AR is really not that much interesting unless it's a wearable.

  10. a trackpad for a touch screen tablet (where the all point is touching the screen) why would you buy a tablet if you want to carry around a trackpad that is the size of a small tablet…. does apple think people are so retarded … well guess they are…


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