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Mohawk – In 1700s New York, a Boston artist working in the remote Fort Alden is torn between his love for 2 women and thrown into the middle of a Mohawk-Iroquois-American war.

Mohawk (1956)
Director: Kurt Neumann
Writers: Maurice Geraghty (story and screenplay), Milton Krims (story and screenplay)
Stars: Scott Brady, Rita Gam, Neville Brand
Genres: Adventure | Drama | Romance | Western
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 17 October 1958 (West Germany)
Also Known As: Am Fluss der Mohawk
Filming Locations: Utah, USA

An artist working in a remote army post is juggling the storekeeper’s daughter, his fiancée newly arrived from the east, and the Indian Chief’s daughter. But when a vengeful settler manages to get the army and the braves at each other’s throats his troubles really begin.

“Forget all the nasty things that reviewers have said about MOHAWK, an unpretentious, thoroughly enjoyable, ahead-of-its-time 1956 Western starring handsome Scott Brady (was the word “hunk” in use as early as the 1950s?) as an artist from Boston commissioned to do a series of frontier paintings to present the Iroquois Indians in a favorable light. Since Brady usually does these paintings with his shirt off, small wonder he attracts the amorous attentions of a trio of gorgeous gals: brunette Indian maiden Rita Gam, auburn-haired sexpot Allison Hayes and blonde beauty Lori Nelson (try and guess which one he winds up marrying; a nice surprise!). For about an hour, the romantic cavorting of Brady and his beauties take the forefront (the Breen office must have been napping during a lakeside interlude and make-out session with Brady & Gam wearing as little as possible). Then the final 20 minutes get down to the inevitable cowboys vs. Indians clash, but since the screenplay is refreshingly original enough to make a distinction between the good and bad white men, and the savage vs. civilized Indians, you’ll probably care about who dies and who survives. And rather than try to stage the climactic uprising within the limits of its modest budget, MOHAWK smoothly incorporates some spectacular footage from John Ford’s 1939 extravaganza “Drums Along the Mohawk” (which accounts, I imagine, for why this independently-produced movie was released by 20th Century-Fox). So what’s not to like? Slick direction, a sensible and often good-humored screenplay, a terrific supporting cast, and beautiful color photography contribute to making this good-natured escapism a lot more enjoyable than many of its big-budget, boring CinemaScope counterparts from the same era. A hearty, sincere, belated thanks to everyone involved with MOHAWK. They appear to be having a very good time, and so should you, the viewer.” Written by sdiner82 on

Warning: Spoilers
“Charming, if silly western, clean and wholesome to the core (despite outrageously stupid scenes with stereotypically stupid Indians) and photographed with lush 1950’s Technicolour which makes the scenery look lovely. The story has an artist Scott Brady trying to stop the war between whites and Indians, while romancing his fiancée Lori Nelson, his model Alison Hayes (who looks gorgeous in the aforementioned Technicolour) and an Indian princess Rita Gam. Directed by sci-fi expert Kurt Neumann from the script by Maurice Geraghty and Milton Krims, this is romantic, entertaining and as much fantasy as any fairytale.” Written by rose-294 on

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title): Mohawk
Austria: Mohawk
Brazil: Mohawk – A Lenda dos Iroquis
Canada (English title): Mohawk
Denmark: Mohawk
Finland: Mohawk
France: L’attaque du Fort Douglas
Germany (DVD box title): Am Fluss der Mohawk
Greece (transliterated title): Pyrinos heimarros
Italy: La principessa dei Moak
Japan (Japanese title): 大襲撃(1957)
Portugal: Mohawk
Romania: Mohawk
Spain: Hacha de guerra
Sweden: Det stora indianöverfallet
Turkey (Turkish title): Vahşi kan
UK: Mohawk
USA (working title): Mohawk Massacre
USA (working title): Mohawk: A Legend of the Iroquis
West Germany: Mohawk


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  1. I can't understand why the Indians would get upset when the settlers came in & pushed them off their ancestral lands.

  2. Lo mismo todas en ingles las que en Latinoamérica las pueden ir guardado o estamos obligados hablar ingles Sheett

  3. Muy buenas películas los felicito. El problema es que todas están en ingles y aquí en Costa Rica se habla el español latino ,,,,, dejándolo a uno ver noticias de Venezuela que se convertido en una basura con el marco maduro y Caballo sin que se enoje el caballo dos Ceres que dan naucias yo no se como se desperdicia los rayos al césar lo que es del césar

  4. Nice nice very nice… I saw two wicked men, one redskin and the other a very wicked white man both perishing by the Iroquois hands… how nice😊.


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