Minecraft: Tango Spotted! Vic's Modern Warfare 1.12.2 Mod Showcase


Welcome to my mod showcases! This is inspired by youtubers such as Brodual and Sinitar Gaming but I did my take on what it could be for Minecraft!
Today we are covering Vic’s Modern Warfare mod. Adding in over 40 guns, 6 armour sets and the ability to crawl, this mod is a fantastic mod to use for any war modpack. Oh and you can spy on your friends to with that tablet…
If you would like to see a mod get showcased, leave a comment down below. Hope you enjoy the video and if you enjoyed, show some support to see me make more videos!

Check out the mod here! Vic’s Modern Warfare by Vic4Games and the Vic4GamesTeam

Here’s an updated video on the mod (known as Contagion)

Download the map here! Military Base by SANE INC

Other Mods used
BSL Shaders Mod by CaptTatsu

Not Enough Items by chicken_bones

Optifine by sp614x

Passable Leaves by WhichOnesPink, HellFirePVP and srs_bsns

Intro music:
Wolf Walker – Destiny: The Taken King Soundtrack by Michael Salvatori, C Paul Johnson and Skye Lewin

Background Music:
From Past to Present: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule

Outro Music: Queen’s Ransom-Destiny: The Taken King Soundtrack by Michael Salvatori, C Paul Johnson and Skye Lewin

I do not own Minecraft, the Minecraft mods, the music or the special effects used in this video. All of the credits belong to their respective and original owners.

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  1. Greetings everyone! There is an updated version of the mod (known as Contagion). It has most of the features as Vic's Modern Warfare with some new additions as well as fixing many bugs. I've made a video of it so feel free to check it out!

  2. yall having a problem like not being able to load the specific ammo requirement onto your weapon? cuz im having it and its annoying as hell

  3. Hey I am trying to do the attachemnts but everytime I press the left or Rshift or anything else nothing happens even tho I have all the gear in my inventory

  4. Can someone help me with this mod when I aim my gun at something my screen goes black and if I right click the mouse again it goes back to normal.

  5. The gas detector on mine has a screen glitch where the counter is not on the device rather it is OUTSIDE of it. I'm using latest version of forge and in my custom modpack with mods that rely on the latest. Any ideas to fix that?

  6. For some reason i dont have some things, i can't craft armor, gas mask isnt working And explosions dont work.


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