Make a Background Wallpaper for PC, Nvidia Shield/TV Box Launcher in GIMP


Tutorial to create a wallpaper or background for your PC, Nvidia Shield TV, Android TV Box etc using GIMP (GNU Image manipulation program). Use it for your background image in your custom launcher like Sideload Channel Launcher 2, ATV Launcher, HALauncher etc.

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Download GIMP –
Gimp shortcuts:
Ctrl + Z – Undo last edit
Ctrl + Y – redo last undo
Ctrl + X – Cut
Ctrl + C – Copy
Ctrl + V – Paste
Ctrl + D – duplicate image
Ctrl + E – Export as
Ctrl + N – New Canvas

Dog image from web

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This video produced for Will Oak Tech (WOT) Time by Paul Marriott 2020


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  1. Very nice job! Paul, you have forgotten the most important part of this job well done; after the Wallpaper is designed, how do you proceed to load it on the home screen of the Nvidia Shield TV with Android OS 9 (Pie)?

    GIMP vs Photoshop… which one is better and why?


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