Idris Elba Opens Up To Oprah About Testing Positive For COVID-19


Idris Elba and wife Sabrina Dhowre open up about being COVID-19 positive and self-isolating together on Oprah Winfrey’s new Apple TV+ series “Oprah Talks COVID-19”. The two give updates on how they are feeling and whether the actor inadvertently passed on the virus to others on the set of his Netflix movie.

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  1. If she know he was getting tested and therefore she might need to get tested then she should not have been travelling.

  2. And some people be saying “This is fake” because they think black people cant get the corona lmfao, how would you feel if someone soon later on believes that “Black people can’t get radiation” and you really have it and what if other believes says “You’re faking it” when you”re really not huh??? Because what if the actors really sick and ya say it’s fake. I’m black too, but you people (my people) just want to believe of what ya want to believe to make ya selfs feel better.

  3. If you are a Black Man, don't tell Oprah Nothing! She will use it against you later in a Documentary to destroy your life or call Gayle to do it.

  4. Omg for some reason I hate his wife. She could’ve stayed safe but she just chose do stupid things 🙄 Smh should learn from how a husband in China taking care of his wife who got the virus. Man.. ya guys didn’t even take it seriously 😐

  5. if ur looking for a 90s spotify playlist during your quarantine, may i suggest:
    !! 🙂

  6. I mean I get Sandrina, that you still want to be normal around Idriss but what did Idriss have to say about it? Why didn’t he volunteer to change his ways? Why didn’t he choose not to infect you by taking measures…no kissing and all?

  7. IF UR RICH AND FAMOUS u get tested. That’s cause the rich and famous are so afraid to die, afraid to lose all their riches, afraid to lose their fame…. pathetic

  8. Stick to acting, for you are very talented.
    Stop peddling your fn soft side in order to fit in.
    It sounds very phoney.

  9. Lifestyle is a big factor in how ill you get.. many actors are in good shape and watch what they eat to look good 🤷‍♀️

  10. Oh surprise surprise, his wife still wanted to touch him…well dayyyumm so would I?! Sorry babe you dont get a trophy for that one?!

  11. Incubation period can be 2 to 14 days, meaning the period from infection to first signs of symptoms, most people get mild symptoms, 81 percent.

  12. Notice the air quotes by Elba at 3:47 when he says exposure!!!There is definitely something weird going on here!!!Its almost like there talking in code or something!!!🤔

  13. Oh dear god, Celebs are so upset they aren't the main focus.

    Meanwhile we should be worrying about elderly family and friends.

  14. This is the 10th day of having a high fever and increased mucus production in my throat. Idk if this is it, but it’s unlike any flu I’ve ever had. It has no cold like symptoms, I’m just abnormally hot, to the point where I became delirious 5 days in, and I’ve had to constantly cough up stuff. Now I feel much better. I’m 27 and have had prior breathing issues, but idk, It didn’t really even feel like I was sick. I’m still warm now, but that’s about it. Just my experience

  15. The hate over this interview is ridiculous. He got tested because he learned he was recently in the company of someone who tested positive. So he did the responsible thing, got tested and isolated himself. When he told his wife, she was already on her way to him. She got exposed to it from him. She didn't have it before that. Why wait for symptoms, if any, to get tested?? They aren't getting sick like alot of others because they keep healthy.

  16. Well wishes Idris from Holly street, Hackney East London, you’re one of our boys you remember how we lived on that housing estate. So anyone saying you are far removed from reality is foolish.. Sending 🙏🏼💕 to all of your family….


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