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Hey what’s going on guys my name is Alex and welcome back to another video today i’m going to show you How To Remove WebHelper.exe Virus.

Read this first► English is not my mother tongue so don’t hate me because i can’t speak well i’m nervous when making videos and i might mess up. It takes me at least 3-4 times to make the best video possible

Also if you saw i have Minecraft on my desktop, i’m just playing Minecraft to see how it is right now and wanted to play a bit Singleplayer

Follow the instructions if you didn’t understand something in the video


Applications needed for this video and websites:



1. First of all open UTorrent or BitTorrent and then in the top left corner click “Options” then “Preferences” then in the “General” tab make sure the “Automatically install updates” is unchecked because if you have it checked it won’t work.

2. Next kill the process because if you have it open, again it won’t work so make sure you have fully closed UTorrent or BitTorrent. Now right click in the start menu and click “Run”, here type “%appdata%” (without the quotes ofc) then click “OK” or “Enter”. Now find the folder “uTorrent” or “BitTorrent” and open it then open the folder “updates”. Here if you have multiples folders and files delete the old ones and make sure you have latest version of UTorrent in that folder.

3. Now open the latest folder mine is “3.5.5_45231” (this video will get outdated in a few months so make sure you have the latest version) and inside it you will see “utorrentie.exe” that’s what causing the “WebHelper” virus. If you delete that .exe it will reappear when you open UTorrent so to fully remove that go back in the “updates” folder and right click then “New” then create a new “Text Document” and type whatever you want you will delete it after 30sec. Now open that document and you do not need to type anything what you need to do in the top left corner click “File” and then “Save As…”, here in the bottom you will see “Save as type:” change that to “All Files (*.*)”. Now go in the folder with the virus in it and click the virus or type in the “File name:” “utorrentie.exe” then hit “Save”

4. You’re not done yet you have last more step, before you did the change if you saw the virus was 407 KB half a MB and after the change it is 0 KB so that’s good. Now go back in the “3.5.5_45231” and right click the “utorrentie.exe” and hit “Properties”. Finally check “Read-only” it is in the end next to “Attributes”. You’re done! now you won’t have any issues!


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  1. what if i installed a game? whit a lot of installations, can i get viruses from the game? and what if i uninstall everything whit the utorrent?

  2. I had weird bsods and lots of random shut downs. Looks like this fixed it with the new windows update. Thanks a lot. As a web developer I need a stable machine. Thanks a lot for making this video

  3. Wow thanks a lot for the help man! Didn't know my laptop had had this for months! I use utorrent but never knew it contains virus. My laptop has never been this silent since I bought it. Really appreciate it! Keep it up, man. You just gain a new subscriber here 🙂

  4. Thank you bro. YOU SAVED ME.!!!

  5. Man, i was wondering wth is was that…. I did something like this yesterday and it worked. Today, as i turned on the computer, that shit was still there…. I followed every single step of your video, but my size kept on 0KB, why is that? And many friends have uTorrent and do not have the virus, so why do I? Please answer! <3

  6. New subscriber this literally right now happened with my pc and I do all you do in the video and it worked 🙂 PD: saludos desde uruguay ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Does this work for any other programs as well such as steam webhelper steam does this as well, also bit defender

  8. Thanks so much! This has problem has been annoying me for weeks, my computer fan was really noisy before and now it's completely back to normal!

  9. Great step-by-step instructions. I took my time and it fixed the problem with my Bittorrent. Alex – I really appreciate you putting this solution out there. Thanks.

  10. Can you help me? I have utorrentie.exe, but I can't do this replacement because it says the process is being used elsewhere. I've looked at Task Manager several times, but I don't think so. I would be very happy if you could help me.


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