How to install mods for a Minecraft Server 1.6.4+ ( Bukkit + Forge ) And helpful tips!


Hey guys! I received a good amount of tweets asking for a tutorial on how to install Minecraft mods on a Minecraft server. Here we take a look at these questions and answer them:

– How to install mods for a Minecraft server?.
– How do you get forge working on a bukkit server with active plugins
– How to allocate more ram on a server?
=== Other Questions ===
– How to fix a server crash?
– Will having a lot of mods lag Minecraft?
– How do I join a modded server?

Download Minecraft forge here:

Download Bukkit Forge MCPC here: (might be outdated)

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  1. can you please help me in person to install gullivers mod + little blocks mod 1.6.4 on my nitrado forge-vanilla 1.6.4 server ?

  2. in the intro (me):I guess my sounds are low (volumes up)

    video begins SCMowns talks (me):in the hospital*

    doctor: I gouess you will never be able to hear agin

    me:whaaat ?

  3. Hello, I'm playing on 1.12.2 version and I have the compatible things but I can't run the minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar , it does nothing, I can open the small forge jar however… Do you know why is it like that?

  4. when you click the minecraftserver_1.6.4 It doesn't do anything but open the file in WinRAR. It doesn't generate new files like it did in your video – pls help! :/

  5. I have an error that says: [SEVERE] Encountered an unexpected exception IllegalArgumentException
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Overwriting already-registered no one biomesoplenty.biomes.BiomeGenShrublandForest@6a7d13fb @ I'D 48

  6. hi dont know if anyone will reply but i ran it the first time without any mods in the mod folder and i was able to connect now i loaded mods and it say that i cannot connect. i then deleted all files and redid the process but didnt load mods and i cannot connect like before any ideas???


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