How To Get Resource Packs in Minecraft 1.11


This is a very easy how-to, on how anyone can get/download/install resource packs for Minecraft 1.11 in general and 1.11+ Resource packs are the things that change the way the game looks or sounds. A great customization for begging modders. Also make sure to check out MTS’ channel below…

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-Resource Pack Used-



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=Download The Theme Park Map=

=Download The Minecraft Knotts Berry Farm Fun Park Map=

=SCP Minecraft Map Current Version=


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Approaching Nirvana
Deep Space Ceramics

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  1. Why make the tutorial without including how to get WinRAR? The entire reason people are coming to watch the tutorial is because they don't know how to get all the crap aside from the resource pack. This stuff is so frustrating.

  2. It works differently for me. I can't just drag the file into the Resource Packs file and it works. I remember doing something else, but I guess this video is useless for me right now

  3. why cant i get the resource pack into the game it is confusing me i mean i am dragging it in like so but nothing works? Can some one help me please!?

  4. hello im new to your channel and in need of some help…… can you help me get mods im a NOOB I just started and I need a app that can open forage so yeah…..I SUBED


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