How Much Do 3D Artist Make


okay let’s talk about money, i am going to give you the average salaries
of cg artists working in the industry.

Before we start diving into details i want to clarify that these numbers are
from, Game Developer Magazine’s annual salary survey, and
the experience of artists working in the film and game Development industry.

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  2. You forgot to mention what city the job is in and the cost of living. Making 80k$ in some cities is actually poor.

  3. Im gonna self teach myself then go onto contract dont really fancy working in a professional studio. Game artist doesn't make much iv never heard of a game artist living in high luxury driving a sports car from just being a 3d artist. In my opinion they should be paid more than the basic annual salary.

  4. The salary for gamedev after tax and conversion in the United Kingdom is more like $40K to $50K after tax, nowhere near $80K. If 80K is a real number for US Gamedev that's a big pay gap.

  5. And this is why I work as an artist for the oil and gas industry where those numbers are way higher. Also that is a very low salary to work at Blizzard, where they are located even 100k is poverty line

  6. We were lied to when going to school in 2008 they were saying 80k for a Game Artist. didn't make it clear that was maybe obtainable for 6 years as a senior or Lead position. And not the norm.

  7. thanks, @inspirationTuts for sharing this useful info 🙂 one question though! for this is obviously a U.S. based inquiry. can you tell us if these figures are before or after taxes? I believe the taxes are around 30%.

  8. It's time to pack my bags …

    because I have been working as an animator in Russia for 5 years, and my salary is less than 10,000 per year … (here it is considered a good salary, but the prices for some things here are even higher than, for example, in Los Angeles … Goddamn it.. ..)

  9. How can I find a company in which I can have practice / volunteer? I do know most of the basic stuff in 3Ds Max, as well as Substance Painter, I have 2 models that I've made by myself and couple more that I made by watching tutorials. I would be willing to work for free, just to gain some experience and to have some background in this type of work. Any advice is welcomed, thank you in advance! P. S. I'm currently at IT Academy, studying 3D Design & CAD ( Even though I want to work in gaming industry ).

  10. Hello, do you mind do a tutorial about this post? what methods did he do?


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