How I Installed a 2TB SSHD in my Laptop(Predator) – Turn Old/Useless Hard Drive into an External HDD


I recently upgraded my secondary 1TB Hard Disk to a 2TB (2.5″) Seagate Firecude SSHD on my Acer Predator Helios but that 1TB drive became useless after that, Time to make so use out of it.
My Favourite SATA SSD (4TB):
My Favourite SATA SSD (2TB) :

Favorite SATA SSD but cheaper:

Hard Drive Enclosure:

Seagate Firecuda SSHD 2TB (2.5″):

1TB (2.5″):

My Laptop (Helios 300):

Transcend 2.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure:
WD Elements 1TB:


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  1. Hi I have Asus rog strix g which have ssd 512 gb I want to keep 1 or 2 tb hdd as well as keep ssd too will it effect the laptop if I keep hdd on the empty slot .. ?

  2. Cool video, I recently got a second SSHD for my Predator Helios. Windows would not allow me to uninstall the windows apps folder on the 1st SSHD ,no matter how I tried redoing the permissions. So I got the 2nd SSHD installed it,copied games from the pulled out drive and was able to select the D: drive for future apps (games).

  3. I bought my new laptop it have 512gb ssd and i want to add 1tbHDD in it since it has empty slot… I want to know by adding hdd will it affect my pc loading time for games and bootup?

  4. What is the max sshd for acer predator helios 300? Is 2tb is the max? Can you put 3 or more tb?
    Sorry for my bad english.

  5. If I bought the 2 tb sshd 2.5 inch firecuda ( it said for laptops) could I use it on my pc build instead of buying the 2 tb sshd 3.5 inch firecuda ( it said for laptops/pc’s)?

  6. So I'm planning on doing this right now. So basically install the new hard drive in the laptop and just use the usb as your old hard drive and transfer everything to the new hard drive that is now inside your laptop?

  7. Hi thanks for the video.
    Could you please give me a link to download the software you used to test the drive speed ?

  8. Dont know if is only me but i formated the drive with 3 partitions everything looks fine until a decide to put in another computer the drive show as RAW i formated again moved and again the drive show as RAW, if i let the drive in one place is working ok but if a decided to move it to another computer even in a usb enclosure lost format and show again in RAW, dont know what to do.


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