Hands-on with an 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 SXM3 Server with NVSwitch


Check out the full Inspur NF5488M5 review on the STH main site here where we go into a lot more detail:

In our Inspur NF5488M5 server overview, we see what a top of the line 8x NVIDIA Tesla V100 system can do. This SXM3 Tesla V100/ Volta Next server utilizes not NVSwitch to provide an ultra-high-speed NVLink fabric. This is a GPU compute server for AI and deep learning workloads that offers the maximum performance for and eight GPU server in this generation.

This particular server is not just a NVIDIA DGX-1 / HGX-1 upgrade, but it is effectively half of a DGX-2 or HGX-2 designed to fit in different rack environments. This is a particularly unique server on the market, so check it out.

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  1. I don’t understand the comments or your audience. While this stuff is new, it’s not really novel or exciting in the AI or data analysis space. Datacenters with racks of stuff like this is constantly landing in DCs all over the world, yet everyone in here is acting like this is crazy or making incredibly dumb jokes about Crysis (and actually a lot of stuff you’d think would run Crysis well doesn’t in his space because it’s very poorly optimized for gaming applications).

  2. I wonder if the NVSwitch technology will ever make it down to consumer GPUs, or if we will get something closer to chiplet designs like Intel's Xe.

  3. Yeah but what's the Heaven UNIGINE score? And can it run crysis at 4k 240hz? It probably can 🙂 I think this is what's in the new xBox cause it supposedly can do 4k 120hz!

  4. Me: "ohhh, so that's definitely like $100.000 right ?"
    Also me, after a bit of googling "yeaahhh, sooo about those $100.000 ? Not even close. Try MULTIPLYING THAT BY 3 OR 4"

  5. AI is a really nice boost for other industries i mean ai stuff is basically there where it will be for the next 30 years with that technique what current is used. Dunno how the can make money from thin air.

  6. can you please run progpow algo on this and let us know what hash rates you get, because I think cryptocurrency are getting centeralized, such that only data center can make money.

  7. Interesting video as always, i always struggle to understand the v100 performance compared to mainstream GPUs in non-AI workloads, how it compares to titan RTX etc… any clue?

  8. "Whole nother", "whole nother"… 😂

    Great video anyway, probably the most interesting server, thanks for sharing it with us.


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