Erling Haaland – What Makes The Borussia Dortmund Striker so Good?


We analyse the tactical side of Borussia Dortmund teen sensation Erling Haaland’s game
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Erling Haaland is hitting the Bundesliga stage in a fulminating flurry of goals. The Norwegian has also added an altogether different kind of cutting edge to Borussia Dortmund’s offensive armoury. In our tactical analysis we dig behind the headline-making hype to pin down precisely how the 19 year-old Norwegian forward talent has managed to make such a riproaring start in Black-and-Yellow. 9 goals in only 8 matches is already a great start into his Bundesliga career. But what do you think? How many more goals will Erling Haaland score? Let us know in the comments?

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  1. Why is everyone acting like he’s good at long ball and hold up play just because he’s tall? Dortmund is my team but let’s stop playing around. He’s not a target man yet and will take some time to add that to his game. We are lobbing the ball up to him, especially in end game situations, and he hasn’t figured that out. He’s an amazing player but definitely has a lot to learn. Can’t wait to see how he progresses!!

  2. He always does the fake far post run so it shouldn’t be so hard for opponents.You just have to cover the ball with your body at the near post and pass to the keeper or fellow defender

  3. I hope him and Sancho stay at dortmund for another decade, I know sancho will eventually go to England but I can still hope.

  4. honestly, i am affraid he misses juggling skills during presentation
    he isn't technical on the ball

  5. Haaland now: One of the best players in the world right now
    Real Madrid: We'll take care of that

    2 years later: Haaland struggling in 2nd tier Kosovo side

  6. Watching him was like watching Leicester in 2015-16, they just came out of nowhere and you get so much joy from their success! It’s also really weird because he’s the same age, height and weight as me

  7. COVID-19 been keeping Adminho from seeing Haaland play again, he had to make a new throwback video. about the boy…. I bet everytime Adminho sees COVID on the news, he misses Haaland more, cos both Haaland and COVID wear the same number on the back of their shirt … 19. 😉


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