Elite dangerous Black Box Salvage missions | Elite Dangerous beginners guide


Elite dangerous Black Box Salvage missions | Elite Dangerous beginners guide
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Black box missions can be a good break from the norm providing a tidy income for the cash-strapped commander. all you need is a ship with adequate cargo space and a limpet controller …. and limpets

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➤ Elite: Dangerous or Elite 4 is a space adventure, trading, and combat simulation video game developed and published by Frontier Developments played on PC, Mac and Xbox one and is the fourth release in the Elite video game series Piloting a spaceship, the player explores a realistic 1:1 scale open world galaxy based on the real Milky Way, with the gameplay being open-ended. The game is the first in the series to attempt to feature massively multiplayer gameplay, with players’ actions affecting the narrative story of the game’s persistent universe, while also retaining single player options. It is the sequel to Frontier: First Encounters, the third game in the Elite series, released in 1995. Re-conceptualized by David Braben. Starting a few years back as the Elite dangerous Kickstarter campaign a strong community has now grown around the Elite universe. elite dangerous thargoids sci-fi preview 2.4.
check out the hotfixes that predate Elite: Dangerous

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  1. I've started playing yesterday I have COMMERCIAL SAMPLES OUTBREAK SALVAGE CONTRACT the target body is Station and I have no idea how to do this mission. I fly toward station in supercruise and nothing is going on. I was playing EVE for 5 yrs but Elite is madness for me. I don't understand this game. Unless degradaded emission is related to this but there's nothing there

  2. This is stupid! Collecting the black box itself couldn't be easier. The real question is: HOW DO YOU SURVIVE THE AMBUSH?!?!?! They cut through me like paper and I'm MASSIVELY outnumbered!

  3. If you don't lock your target and fire a limpet, the little bot will go pick up ALL the items, one at a time, until the limpet expires. When you select a target, the limpet collects the one target and expires. So, if you're not pressed for time and have plenty of cargo space, just get everything with one limpet.

  4. The amount of time I forget limpets made me make sure I have a good stock of Iron and Nickel so I can use synthesis to make them in the field. The material trader is very handy for this!

  5. If you don't target an item and just fire the limpet it will continue collecting anything else in range, you can add things you don't want to the ignore list.

  6. Many a time i went out with limpet collectors and forgot to stock up on limpets. good video hope i didnt hold you back today.


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