Double Dragon IV Two-Player Playthrough (Switch)


This is a capture of me and a friend playing through Double Dragon IV for the Nintendo Switch. I’m player one (Billy) and Drew is player two (Jimmy).

Even though Double Dragon IV was originally released for other systems back in January of 2017, it took until early September 2017 for it to release on the Switch. As a huge Double Dragon fan, I immediately bought the game on its release date, and I’ve been playing it since then with my friend Drew.

This game provides a decent challenge, so this is the first time I’ve actually beaten it. However, I have mixed feelings about this title. Even though this is a good game overall, it feels half-assed, like the developer wasn’t even trying.

Arc System Works made quite a bold announcement when they declared that they were releasing “Double Dragon IV” (before, Super Double Dragon was essentially the fourth game in the series). The title alone meant that this game was attempting to erase Double Dragon V from the series’ history and start over, so it had a lot to live up to.

However, when I first saw the footage of Double Dragon IV, I was shocked to see the same basic graphical style and characters from Double Dragon II on the NES. I thought that was quite lazy. I actually wondered if the game had started out as a fan game or “rom hack” that was later purchased outright by Arc System Works.

This game sadly lacks ambition. Double Dragon Advance was far better and far more ambitious, even though it was basically a remake of the original arcade game. And although it doesn’t really matter, the story in this game doesn’t really make any sense.

Notwithstanding these issues, I do feel Double Dragon IV is worth the measly $7 that I paid. The two-player mode is fun, and the combat works well. It’s just a shame that this game doesn’t really advance the series much. Enjoy the footage.

Recorded with the Elgato Game Capture HD60 and the Switch’s HDMI cable at native 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. I’m using a Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa joystick and Drew is using a Pro Controller.


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  1. Still a step up from Double Dragon 2 Remake for Xbox 360 from a couple years back. Was this the real sequel we've waiting so long for in the DD franchise? That's a good question. I like this but at the same time a little mixed about it. I do like how they retained the DD2 look and feel. With modern sounding game music in tact. But I guess my critique about this is, they could have made into a 3D and modern looking sequel but keep the spirit of the Double Dragon we grew up playing. I think this game also retcons Super Double Dragon for SNES, as the intended true sequel for DD?

  2. stage in double dragon iv plot base on battletoad and double dragon but remake everythings again and fill new stage in 1st to before middle stage

  3. I never played this game, but whatever people may think of it, I think it's a good thing that you're confronted by more than just the maximum of two enemies at the same time, like in the first two games. I can't remember if part 3 had that as well, but I think so. Either way, there are more characters on screen at the same time now. I can understand that this game doesn't get good reviews. It doesn't look like the amount of moves you can make use of are not upgraded much; I've seen only one new move. And the enemies are stupid enough to fall for the classic tornado kick every time; they are making it easier for you. There seem to be no real bosses in the levels. However, it looks like you can be confronted by multiple characters that were bosses in previous games at the same time (that's cool). Looking at the larger on-screen enemies (including multiple boss cameos) and their moves, this game should be harder. And 'credits'? Well, essentially you seem to get a total of 27 lives together; 3 lives of the two characters each plus 7 credits times 3 lives. No wonder the game might be easy.

  4. this game is a gem.
    it's Double Dragon at its core.. not the best but it servs as a great instalment..and the music.. WOW. BEAT THE GAME TO ACCESS OTHER FIGHTERS.


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