Double Dragon Evolution Game 1987-2019


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History Of Double Dragont 1987 – 2019
Comparison , All Series Games
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Double Dragon 1987
Double dragon 2 the revenge 1988
Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone 1990
Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones 1991
Super Double Dragon 1992
Battletoads & Double Dragon 1993
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls 1994
Double Dragon 1995
Double Dragon Advance 2003
Double Dragon Neon 2012
Double Dragon II: Wander of The Dragons 2013
Double Dragon Trilogy 2013
Double Dragon IV 2017

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  1. double dragon is the anchestor of open map fighting games… (dunno what exactly the genre names)…

    it spend alot coin for finish it…

  2. A lot of this dont talk about double dragon neon it is pretty fun except for the airlock levels (they are only on level 4 so not much of a spoiler)

  3. Double Dragon Neon needs a sequel. Its modernized but still has the heart and soul of double dragon with cherry on top. Or… what if double dragon x streets of rage, I mean both game series had awesome gameplay and both had kick ass soundtracks.

  4. Es divertido creer que uno de los jefes clásicos de double dragón tenga su propio juego en newgrounds (abobo big aventures por si no saben el nombre)

  5. Double Dragon 4 was a HUGE disappointment for me. I mean I love the 8bit DD but doing it in that style and call it DD4 is beyond dumb

  6. “Bimmy and Jimmy!”

    Also: they straight ripped of “easy lover” for the first level of DD trilogy…?!!

  7. What I learned, today:
    – Simox 87 considers compilations and re-releases to be "new" games.
    Double Dragon Trilogy uses the arranged CD soundtracks, holy crap!!
    Double Dragon IV is not good, even from fan game standards.

  8. Still consider Double Dragon II on the NES the best of the series by far! Gameplay, level-layout and music are astounding!

  9. Pode falar o que for , mas o Double Dragon 1 foi o melhor! Quem já fez muitas vidas jogando em dupla ? Um segura o cara pelas costas e o outro ficava chicoteando kkkk!

  10. Its amazing to see how slow and jerky Super Double Dragon looks compared to Streets of rage 2 even though they were both released in 1992.


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