Death Sworn Zed Skin Spotlight – League of Legends


League of Legends Death Sworn Zed Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Zed on their Death Sworn Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. I bought rp at 7 eleven to buy this legacy skin for 980 to but then when I came home to purchase it, IT WAS FKIN GONE!


  2. I have a noob classmate who says he regretted buying this skin because he says it confuses him with the auto attacks, Q and E. I bought it on a small sale and it's just the best Zed skin with great effects. Nice work, Rito

  3. Dope Model: Project
    Dope Recall: Championship
    Dope Chromas: Shock blade
    Dope Animations: Death Sworn
    Best Faker Skin: SKT

  4. Like-Death Sworn
    Comment Project
    EDIT: I need to like myself
    The only one skin who can fight with death sworn is championship

  5. Idk whats wrong with it youre just saying its garbage with no reason

  6. I got a question . i want this skin but this isnt available , why and when will i be able to have it ? Thx to the one who will answer me

  7. wow thats an amazing skin, im so glad and Thankfull to our creator that this came out from my hextech crafting. i can't tell how much i like it <3 coolest for me now <3

  8. Clunky, all his sounds and visual effects look too paper thin, Zed's supposed to feel like he's hitting hard, his best particles and sounds are either Championship or Default imo, they give the weight and don't have overused particles AHEM PROJECT AHEM

  9. 90% of those comments are haters who are criticising literally everything that riot does, including those really nice looking death sworn skins. You people think you would do a better job? Play the game or not, buy the skins or not, but if you do continue playing after all this criticism then you are lame

  10. Do you know why they made Zed, Katarina, and Viktor a Death Sworn skin?

    Look at their abilities, it starts with "Death" and that's why their skin starts with "Death" too!

    Victor has "Death ray" his E
    Zed has "Death mark" his ULT "R"
    Katarina has "Death spin lottus" her ULT "R"

    I think it's Death spin lottus…
    Or was it Death lottus?


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