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FoxTailMega subtitle editor Version 5: is the best subtitle editor for android phones and tablets. Its currently available on playstore and link is in top of this description. This is a full featured subtitle making app for android devices. Any any video format to the player and its able to play effortlessly. Below are few of eye catching features of this app.

1. Supports all Video and Audio formats.

2. Extracts wav files from video and draws waveform very fast.

3. Attach srt files if you just wanna edit it.

4. Able to create .srt files from scratch.

5. Drag on Waveform to create timing regions.

6. slide the created timing regions or change its width by dragging the handle

7. saves the subtitle to /storage/emulated/0/Download folder. Basically its your Download folder.

8. Able to play and make subttile of long video files, tested with a video file of 21 hrs long.

9. Share the srt right from this app to any other platforms.

10. Hardcode the srt into video from this app.

Link to first video for this app –


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  1. Whenever I do video+cc my phone suddenly shut's down. I am not able to save the video with subtitle's embedded in it.

  2. There are a lot of problems with the program. I will list some of them, so please solve them as soon as possible before you bring shame to the program ..

    ▪the program is large in size, so please reduce its size because it is simple and does not need to be this large .
    ▪It only works on the Internet, when I turn off the Wi-Fi and run the program, the program exits, so please make it work without the need for the Internet .
    ▪the problem is I cannot present and delay the video through the wave bar, so please put an add timing button so that no text timings are added on the sound wave by touching the wave. This will allow the video to be presented and delayed by the wave bar.
    ▪please set the ability to clear the timing of the text that is in the wave bar .
    ▪Please set the ability to auto-save the project when exiting the program without the need to press save ..this is useful in the event of a sudden exit of the program .

    ((you can inform me when developing the program, adding and solving these problems and I will give you my opinion))

  3. I dont know what to click when i stop making sub for the video then when i click yes to overwrite vid my old sub that i made dissappears what should i do??


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