[Behind the Scenes] The cost of dreams and gravity of choices | Extracurricular Featurette [ENG SUB]


How far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams? Netflix Original Series Extracurricular explores the real cost of dreams, the weight of bad choices, and the irreversible consequences that come with them. The fresh faces at the center of the story—Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin, Park Ju-hyun, and Nam Yoon-su—take us through the shoot process and share how they portrayed their characters.

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  1. Yess! This drama have a lot of fresh talents, for example :
    1. I've seen Oh Jisoo plays as son of rich family, and all he do were just studying(in A-Teen) and in Itaewon Class he still plays as a son of rich family, we can see that he is so soft asfsgdhsvs.
    2. Kim Jisoo, she plays as a really soft woman in A Piece Of Your Mind that i can't imagine she can do this role OMG luv it!
    3. I remember seeing Kwak Ki Tae in The Temperature of Language Our Nineteen, and in that drama he is just so boyfriend material, reliable, but here he looks so different, and i love that he can plays the role well^^

    Props to all staff, actors, and actress👏👏
    넘넘 좋아요 헤헷^^

  2. This drama is such a masterpiece. I find it quite interesting how DongHee's acting was extremely good, but just a few weeks ago people were saying bad stuff about it in Itaewon Class…Overall such a great story full of twists and I can't wait for this to have another season, so good!

  3. i love how many twists this drama has, it isn’t a typical and predictable high school drama. i also love how well dong-hee plays his character, it’s so intriguing to watch and it’s captivating in a way. it’s literally a masterpiece and i need a season 2 ASAP!

  4. This drama is incredible, when Donghee said that he's proud of this drama listed on his filmography, I said I grateful I can watch this amazing drama, and for the 4 actors they are so good representative their role, for the first time i like drama this much, cant wait for the next season><

  5. I'm so upset it only had ten episodes I wanted more! I really hope there is a season 2 for #extracurricular cause I know most kdramas only have one season alone.

  6. This was amazing and deserves all the attention. Trust me I love my romcoms, but I'm loving this even more. I love this era where not every show has to be cheesy and cliche to be good (tho I love my cheesy shows too). Pleaseeeeeeee season twooooo!!!!!!!!

  7. The actors was great ! I really liked the acting
    I didn't like the storyline, but I still recommend it

  8. there are actually scenes in this drama when you feel the second-hand embarrassment, guilt, craziness, hurt, betrayal, and sometimes feel like giving up ..this drama really makes you feel like its all happening to you.

  9. when I watched this drama I felt like"yes this is the amount of craziness I craved for".
    THANK YOU NETFLIX AND THE AMAZING CAST. cant wait for season 2.

  10. I wonder why K-Netz is criticizing Donghee's acting. Even though it suits for his persona in this drama. Innocent face or poker face, or "people you don't think will do that crazy things"

  11. why isn't there more content and interviews for this show
    I want a making video
    them playing on the swoon other than the one already released
    a freaking official ost or the intro
    just give more
    where them reactions and reviews at

  12. I hate everyone in this series except mr lee, they are so annoying in their own ways, esp that nosy police lady

  13. Im sorry to say this but KIM DONG HEE BE LOOKING LIKE BTS JIN
    but anyways THIS DRAMA IS SO FREAKIN GOOD watched all in a day

  14. i don’t understand why this drama isn’t trending yet but give it some time … i’m sure it would be !!

  15. I seriously wish for this drama to blow up like crazy… It's a masterpiece I finished all 10 episodes in one sitting. I was really shocked with Donhee's acting, he's a genius ❤

  16. this drama was so unexpected and different from your typical k-drama and i loved it, we NEED a season 2

  17. I really love this drama. I like this story, deepening every character, and good shooting. the message and the impression of this drama are conveyed very well and epic. I can't move to another drama because I still think about the end of the story. I hope there is a SEASON 2 !!!

  18. Great story, great cinematography, and most importantly great casting. Couldn't believe i stumbled upon this great series ❤️🇰🇷 Can't wait for Season 2!


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