Assassin's Creed Game Movie (All Cutscenes) PC Max 1080p HD


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The game that started one of the staple franchises of the past decade. The original Assassin’s Creed is a game filled with promise and potential, but is also bogged by some archaic mission structure. Playing the game now, you realize how much the series truly has changed. But regardless of it’s shortcomings, the original clearly set the foundation for the rest of the series. The thrill of the hunt; the slow burn of hunting your target and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. In many ways, the fighting system is most sophisticated in this game. Parkour and movement improved in later games, but the fighting system is really deep here. They simplified to make it easier in future iterations.

Story-wise, this game is slow in the beginning. You have no idea who anybody is or what their intentions are, and it takes a while before things become clear. Future Assassin’s Creed’s definitely had better stories, but this one does a great job of explaining who the Assassins and who the Templars are. It shows you how they are different and how they are the same. You understand what their motives are, and why it’s so important.

We are doing the entire Assassin’s Creed main series on PC on Max Settings, so you guys can enjoy the best quality. We will be doing Assassin’s Creed II in episode on GLPtv before we post it as a full movie here. As always, we included important gameplay, relevant dialogue and all cutscenes to create one fluid cinematic experience.

Gameplay by Yofatdaddyyy
Edited by Knowledge

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  1. The side quests became a bit boring with time but my god, each main assassinations were amazing and the way they introduced your targets while you were part of the crowd was impressive.

  2. Damn after watching this, AC 1 had a really dark serious atmosphere compare to ac odyssey. The series really went downhill smh

  3. Altair didn't have the charisma or personality of ezio but he had a better story and character development…the writing and plot is just far better…the philosophical, ethical and ideological conflict between two secret societies was the best part…the further it went down the rabbit hole of the animus and scifi magic bullshit the worse it got.

  4. Let's take a moment and thank this person for making this video so that we can relive those memories.
    Thanks dude!

  5. I’m watching in 2020 and I’m so mad about how the gamer messes up the boss kills like I was ok with the first few but when they got to William at 1:37:00 and jumped on the desk to punch him … I almost uninstalled YouTube …

  6. this game need remastered or at least remake, because this game didnt have subtitle and the game is outdated cant play this game but i need to complete all Assasins Creed games

  7. Start – 8:20

    10:10 – 11:00 (50s)

    12:00 – 14:30 (2m30s)

    17:00 – 20:15 (3m15s)

    22:12 – 24:25 (2m13s)

    29:30 – 30:45 (1m15s)

    31:15 – 32:02 (1m)

    40:40 – 42:00 (1m20s)

    42:45 – 44:37 (2m)

    46:40 – 47:50 (1m)

    48:46 – 49:36 (1m)

    56:15 – 58:22 (2m)

    59:30 – 1:01:18 (2m)

    1:09:25 – 1:10:50 (2m30)

    1:12:00 – 1:12:27 (27s)

    1:19:00 – 1:23:50 (5m)

    1:28:00 – 1:29:32(1m30s)

    1:30:35 – 1:33:00 (3m)

    1:39:50 – 1:41:40 (2m)

    1:43:20 – 1:45:36 (2m)

    1:47:18 – 1:50:20 (3m)

    1:58:05 – 1:59:30 (1m30s)

    2:01:16 – 2:03:46 (2m 30s)

    2:11:42 – 2:13:03 (1m)

    2:14:25 – 2:14:50 (30s)

    2:15:20 – 2:17:30 (2m)

    2:17:55 – 2:20:12 (2m)

    2:28:45 – 2:30:40 (2m)
    2:32:36 – END (23m)


  8. i got a bit lost, did altair retrieve the apple of eden to his master at the beginning of the game or at any mission? or his master had it from the beginning

  9. I swear his "It shall be done" and "as you wish" sounds so much like Warcraft 3 Arthas / Paladin. Am I crazy?

  10. It's Feb, 2020. I'll turn 66 in 10 days. Over 10 years ago I retired and was brand new to gaming. My nephew got me started on it to give me something to do since I couldn't afford flying lessons or guitar lessons any more, and after a major heart attack, couldn't keep up with Kung Fu training.
    AC 1 was the first game I got involved with. I tried several others but they didn't hold my interest enough to get beyond the first few levels. AC grabbed my attention and I couldn't put down the PS3 controller! It took me 2 MONTHS to get through this game because I never played before (except a few very lame attempts at 1 or 2 others)! I made every mistake imaginable! I screamed at Altair for not doing what I trained him to do – always climbing up the side of a building with a ladder right next to him! And a bunch of other dumb stuff!
    But eventually I mastered the controls and actually learned strategy playing this game. Maybe I'll make a video of some of my strategies if I ever get a version of AC1 for PS4. Or if I start PC gaming as my nephew (same nephew) insists.
    We'll see!

  11. the game that started it all, bioware had it right up until they killed off the main reason as to why you were playing as these ancient ancestors.

  12. I'd like to experience my ancestors momories, wouldn't it be cool to know the stories of the people before you?

  13. 2:16:43
    “Used to be we thought the world was flat.”
    “Some people still do.”

    Man, that line aged well 😂

  14. even though this game was not great like in the trailers (What a shock Ubisoft) i still like it. it has some strange charm in it. i wish Ubi remake this

  15. This game was SO groundbreaking on release. I still think it has the best atmosphere of all AC games; the use of cloud shadows is particularly cool in this game.

  16. Warren critisizing wikipedia, bible & historical books infallibility….

    Games aren't synonym of facts tho, so whutever i guess.


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