Animetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor Sakura Gameplay – Episode 3 [ENG SUB]


Game title: アニメチック ストーリー ゲーム①: カードキャプター さくら(Animetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor Sakura)
Platform: Playstation (PSX)

This game’s playlist:

From this episode — maybe since the previous episode — you might have noticed or wondered why there are so many “THE VOICE” cards scattered around. No, they are not bugs, nor mistranslation.

THE VOICE is indeed part of Clow Cards, but as for this game, it has features where you are able to unlock many of the characters’ voices (e.g. Sakura’s, Kero’s, Tomoyo’s, etc…) and some other stuff for you to see.
At the main screen of the game, once you cleared the first episode, a menu called “Tomoyo no Heya” (Tomoyo’s Room) will show up and lets you — using “Sakura Coins” — trade with items you would like to “download” into the gallery.

As for Sakura Coins, you can obtain them by selecting and playing any of the Clow Card fights according to the episodes you have finished… I’m loving the features, isn’t this childhood game just awesome!?

Thanks for watching!

About the game:
Released on 5 August 1999 and published by Arika, Animetic Story Game 1: Cardcaptor Sakura is a game based on the first season of the anime series “Cardcaptor Sakura”.


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