64TB of Storage – 8 Bay Enclosure + 8TB External HDD Shucking


$269 MediaSonic 8 Bay Enclosure – Non-RAID — @Amazon — @Newegg
$349 MediaSonic 8 Bay Enclosure – RAID 0/1/5/10 — @Amazon — @Newegg
$99 MediaSonic 4 Bay Enclosure — @Amazon — @Newegg

Multiple 8TB Internal & External Options Below – Compare Prices!

— External Drives —
8TB Seagate External Expansion HDD — @Amazon — @Newegg
8TB Seagate External Backup Plus Hub HDD — @Amazon — @Newegg
8TB WD MyBook — @Amazon — @Newegg

— Internal Drives —
8TB — @Amazon — @Newegg

Seagate “Archive” HDDs are not meant for running programs, just backups and storage. Seagate External HDDs usually have Archive drives in them at the 8TB level.

WD MyBook usually contains “Red” NAS drives in them and are good, if you want the best price on a drive meant for an enclosure, buy the WD MyBook externals and shuck them.

Note: Shucking external drives voids the warranty! I don’t personally care, I don’t use drive warranties, but be aware of this. If you do care, then buy the internal drives, but they do cost more.

If you want the best performance at the best price today on an internal drive, buy this @Amazon – That is a Seagate IronWolf 7,200 RPM “normal” HDD for $259 at the time I posted this video. It is, however, $80 more expensive than the 8TB Seagate Externals with the Archive drive in them.


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  1. NOTE – A number of people have asked why I don't just use a NAS… NAS, or Networked Attached Storage is fine for some uses, but it also has drawbacks…

    First, it is much slower than locally attached storage.
    Second, it isn't as easy to manage as local storage via Storage Spaces.
    Third, it is expensive to backup, FAR more expensive than this. Remember that a backup isn't a backup unless it is off-site, how do you backup 20TB of storage online for a reasonable price from a NAS?

    There is a time and a place for it, I imagine I'll end up there one day, but for now, this makes far more sense for me…

  2. Seems the NAS industry is stuck in a technological Stone Age. Not only are the NAS unable to enable computers to detect the hard drives they were meant to help them detect, it seems manufacturer and families of customers oppose the idea. Therefore, abort operation. Time for us to move on to other things. We are going to stick to exterior hard drives and simply put those new hard drives into our computers. This means that tomorrow, there is not going to be any NAS industry left. Maybe 10 to 15 years now nobody will be making new NAS.

  3. I enjoyed this video. I'm really interested in the MediaSonic 8 Bay Enclosure and Windows Storage Spaces (learned about this from another one of your awesome videos). Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate your performance review of the MediaSonic 8 Bay Enclosure. How has your experience been with using the MediaSonic 8 Bay Enclosure? Are you still using it? Did you ever buy a second unit? Any issues or concerns with the MediaSonic 8 Bay Enclosure?

  4. I have one of those 8 bay thingies… it is kinda "meh" . There are no disk lights for the individual trays with exception to the ones that are near the bottom… but they don't seem to function properly… they blink once in a blue moon. Overall… a "meh" piece of hardware….. but at least it did the job.

  5. I have over 16 external Hard drives(most are Seagate) and all have data/movies on them already. If I shuck them, can I just put them inside this storage bay and be able to see the data once connected to computer or do I have to format the drives before computer will recognize these drives. I would get a Non-Raid version. The version I am looking at does not have eSata connection in back but does have a USB C connection.

  6. Why didn't you tell us what the USB limit was on your X99 MoBo – you spoke 'about it' a lot but why on earth didn't you tell us the NUMBER of USBs that the limit is? Is it a secret? Wouldn't have taken 5 seconds and would have been very useful and interesting info!?

  7. FYI you don't need the handles. Been using the 4 bay versions of these DAS units for yonks and whilst its sometimes fiddly to get a grip to remove one, its perfectly doable.

  8. hi do you have a update video on this product i was wouding how they have worked and if you had any issues with them

  9. this is an excellent explanation of this sort of DAS approach.
    thanks for the video !
    Are you still using these 8bay enclosures ?
    i would like to do sth very similar..but i am looking for a speedier connection. ideally i’d go for a 10GbE bay..since my next motherboard is going to feature a 10GbE port. i haven’t been able to find 8bay enclosures with 10GbE ports, though.
    All of the Tb3 and/or 10GbE units are NAS .
    Can you help me out ?
    thanks 😉

  10. On the enclosure, 3 Gigabit per second (375MB/s), not terrible but I would see this as a pretty big bottleneck for a raid 0 setup

    I went with the RocketStor 6414VS 4-Bay Q-SATA 10 Gigabit per second.

    I use it as my 16TB game drive 😀 (with an ssd caching layer on it)

  11. I currently have 5 Western Digital my books running and will soon be needing 2 more i currently have four of them for gaming consoles and one for pc I’m wondering if I was to buy this 8 bay enclosure can I still split all my hard drives for consoles and pc or would I only be able to plug it in to my pc?

  12. USB2 vs USB3 and CPU usage. https://www.reddit.com/r/hardware/comments/1y3qd5/usb2_usb3_and_cpu_usage/

    USB2 has higher CPU overhead than USB3 : CPU repetitively polls all USB2 devices & USB3 devices requests CPU usage as needed (no CPU polling overhead)

  13. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I was going to get a Synology NAS.
    Buttttttttttt I just put 2x My Books 8TBea on my laptop and coming-up to speed on windows10 & its storage spaces. If this works-out, I'll get an outlet workstation laptop from HP or DELL for ~$1600 (Xeon cpu, ECC RAM, CAD GPU, thunderbolt3, ~70 watts on avg running on 24/7, yahoooooooooo).
    For backups I plan to seal an encrypted HDD in a waterproof pouch & put it in my backyard in an inconspicuous place under a fake rock. Thks
    PS: ?But did your video convince your wife you needed all those HDDs?

  14. Yet another video of someone "shucking" a Seagate drive and not installing it into a computer to see if it can be written too.

  15. I <3 WD black & WD gold, i have 22tb (and growing) in my machine at the moment, this video is right up my alley. You're the man! nice video.. it's like you were talking directly to me. Thx!

  16. Very bad advice.
    Buy a NAS. RAID 5 or 6. Accessible to any computer on the network.
    Obviously you're not very good at your job.

  17. Drives go to sleep mode when not in use? how is the heat inside the case? how is the noise of the fans? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  18. This guy is painful to warch blather on and on about nothing useful, Linus says more I 10 minutes than this guy does in an hour

  19. A synology ds 1819+ nas would fix your issue and less of a mess and accessible on all your computer's and devices , your giving very bad complicated advice, you talk alot but don't really say anything useful

  20. I need a NAS and I should do this a pick up the drives as I need them the prices are falling and ssd drives are getting cheaper and larger over time as well

  21. You should really try out Raidsonics 10-Bay HDD USB tower.
    It has better HDD slots that are opened separately for each individual HDD and you can turn on and off every HDD individually.
    The advantage of this enclosure is that you don't have to have all ten drives running, when you just need access to one of the drives. Saves power and runtime on the individual drives also.
    It costs 400 Euros. So it is more expensive, but in comparsion to the reviewed enclosure in the video, you get two extra bays and the already named benefits.

  22. I'm sure you know this, but in case you don't running raid 5 on 8 TB drives is a waste of drives. If a drive fails rebuilding the array will fail more times than not due to error rates per TB of storage. It's just not recommended anymore to run raid 5 on large drives. Raid 6 is also pushing limits at 8 TB, and 10 TB is even worse. It sucks but it's just the way it is with large capacity drives.

  23. Have you thought about second hand LTO tape drives? LTO5 drive are fairly innexpensive and the tapes are cheap. That 40+ year shelf life of tapes is very appealing if you ask me.

  24. being an Youtuber I 100% absolutely agree your point. Great video 🙂 btw.. recently I built a FreeNAS raid, just because I need it on a NAS platform. Else I must've gone your way. I know this is not for everyone. People cannot understand the scale (includes regular users/gamers, etc). Being a systems architect, after my server is built, now I am exploring OpenZFS stack. Besides FreeNAS exploring possibilities on Linux Ubuntu Server (which includes OpenZFS support). 🙂

  25. How is those drive now? How many still up?
    Currently Costco are doing a discount on back up plus hud. I'm planing to buy it but I affair it will dead easily.

  26. I have a very large amount of data with a 500mbps upload speed but I've only been able to upload 200gb in 2 days to backblaze over a wired connection.

  27. Recommends My Book!!! Idiot. A hardware encrypted software loaded trash. I use HGST Helium Enterprise drives in Raid with 2.5 million MTBF. Ehem. Beat that.

  28. You'll need all those consumer grade seagate externals to replace in roughly 4 month increments. You sir are the last person on earth using seagate consumer grade drives that has tech knowledge. Also, by naming with NUMBERS and ketters and spanning volumes you can have 144 drives on one machine yes 144. Junk drives. Junk knowledge. I take it you failed your certification. …videos? Gay porn collector? Warm?


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