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10 Thg 3 2011 | camel2011 | Học Tiếng Anh & Ngoại ngữ

  1. camel2011

    camel2011 Econ cấp 1/10 Econ tích cực

    Mình tìm được một số bài luận đạt giải cao trong Cuộc thi viết về đề tài môi trường do American Centre Hanoi tổ chức. Share ở đây cho mọi người cùng tham khảo nhé!

    Đầu tiên là bài viết của bạn Thủy Tiên.

    "I loved seeing fog in the early morning when I was a child. The fog made the city beautiful and therapeutic when it submerged the landscape. Taking a deep breath of fresh air really brought me a feeling of relaxation. Now, I can still see the fog even in the middle of the day, but it no longer brings me the same pleasant feeling. The fog now is exhaust fumes discharged into the atmosphere from thousands of two-wheeled vehicles in Hanoi. Motorbikes are blamed to be the major cause of air pollution in my city.

    Several years ago, people did not care much about the motorcycle exhaust emissions because they thought that the exhaust gases would disappear soon into the atmosphere and brought no harm to human. At present, however, the fumes have formed a thick layer of fog that we can easily see due to the increasing numbers of motorcycles in Hanoi. On my way to school every day, I have to suffer from inhaling the fog. I have to wear face mask and sunglasses to avoid the pollution even though this solution could not help much. My father has experienced asthma after inhaling too much exhaust fumes over years. Citizens of Hanoi are more likely to get respiratory diseases when living with a high level of air pollution. The initial symptoms can be coughing and sneezing and they can later develop into more serious forms such as lung diseases and asthma. Seriously, motorcyclists are still using leaded petrol which can affect the nervous system and the learning ability of children.

    Besides, everything in life is interdependent. Our lives depend on nature and in return, human activities can have impact on nature. Unfortunately, we are damaging the surrounding environment with pollutants released from motorbike exhaust fumes such as CO, CO2 and NO. Carbon monoxide is the primary cause of climate change which does not only affect human beings but also the ecosystem. Over the last decade, Mother Nature has experienced the imbalance of ecosystem and biodiversity loss such as the frequency of natural disasters, animal habitat loss, changes in the length of season and rising sea level. All of the mentioned consequences are partially caused by the overuse of motorbikes.

    I used to think that exhaust emissions, global warming or climate change were of concerns in developed countries and only the governments of these countries should take responsibility to solve the problems. Now I realize that environmental issues are directly affecting my life as well as my family and my community. The increasing numbers of motorbikes is the major cause of our health problems and the environmental issues. The responsibility for solving this problem does not belong to any particular individual but to all of us. We should be aware that whatever we do will have influence on other people and the entire world. Before taking any actions, we must ask ourselves whether what we do will help to protect or badly affect the surrounding environment. Firstly, using alternative means of transportation such as bicycles is necessary. I think riding bicycle is environmentally friendly and has more fun. For instance, on the occasion of 1000-year anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi last October, my friends and I had a different way to celebrate the festival by riding bicycles along many streets in Hanoi instead of using motorbikes. My friends even posted a note on Facebook to encourage other people to ride bicycles during the festival. Last August, I had a chance to visit Manchester, England. I enjoyed the Sky Ride campaign which aimed to promote the benefits of riding bicycles by encouraging thousands of cyclists to join this event. I hope the similar event will be organized to raise the awareness of people in my community. Secondly, people should learn to use motorbikes to limit its bad effects to the environment. Motorcyclists can reduce the exhaust pollution by using biofuels and energy saving engines. They should also have regular engines checkup to replace the two-stroke engine by the four-stroke engine, for the four-stroke engine can emit exhaust fumes less than 10-15% the amount of CO2 released from the two-stroke engine. I hope these solutions will help to contribute to reduce air pollution and improve out health in my community.

    We are only one part of the world. If Chief Seattle described life as a web in which humankind and other creatures are interwoven to support one another. In this sense, my life, your life or anyone’ life will be a thread in this web. Any individual plays an important role in the web. Human beings should maintain and improve the web of life rather than destroy it so that all of us can live in harmony together forever."

    By Ms. Tran Thuy Tien

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