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16 Thg 6 2008 | lady_named_Y | Học Tiếng Anh & Ngoại ngữ

  1. nguyenphutoan

    nguyenphutoan Gà kinh tế Econ tích cực

    You guys just think and say in your status. I just wanna say money play the indispensable role or not that depends on different needs/situations, love is not exception.
    p/s: I'm just 22 years old, maybe my vision is still a little bit fool. You guys are Sitter/Brother, correct me. Thanks :)
  2. nanochau

    nanochau Gà kinh tế Econ tích cực

    not money no happiness

    QUYNHNGUYEN95 Econ cấp 1/10 Econ tích cực

    it's true. if i have money, i will do anything what i want, independent of finances. i can shopping, traveling and help the poor. if i don't have money, i won't go to my dream and i don't free.
  4. buiiductrong

    buiiductrong ID bị khóa

    in my view, money helps us independent in everythings. If you want to go travel -no broblem just bring your backbag and use your own money to pay for the trip. If you want to eat beaf steak just pay for it!
  5. tranvanhieu

    tranvanhieu Econ cấp 1/10 Econ tích cực

  6. hongtuyet83

    hongtuyet83 Gà kinh tế Econ tích cực

    Mình đang lập nhóm học anh văn giao tiếp, học trực tiếp với giáo viên người Mỹ, nhóm khoảng chừng 5 người, học tuần 2 buổi, 100k/buổi, học tại Đinh Công Tráng, Q1. Bạn nào có nhu cầu tham gia học cùng thì liên hệ với mình nhé! mình tên Tuyết, sđt:0907734709
  7. LudeTM

    LudeTM Econ cấp 3/10 Econ tích cực

    I think money could bring happiness. If you have a lot of money, you can buy everything you want, your children will have more opportunities to develop themself...
    But money bring sadness to you. Maybe, you lost your healthy, your friends or yourself.

    Em viết sai chỗ nào thì các bác chỉ giúp em với
  8. s3298398

    s3298398 Gà kinh tế Econ tích cực

    It comes to admitting that there is no wrong or right here because you guys and gals are giving your own opinions. At a quick glance, your cmts having been posted so far generally prove that people have different perceptions towards wealth and abundance. Apparently, money is a daily-basis talked-about issue in which human beings have themselves engaged unconsciously since the first emergence of private ownership (hundreds of thousands year ago). In order to satisfy counterparties (for and against), I, therefore, suggest my own definition of wealth and abundance that may help you people be able to determine your own definition that suits you most.

    To me, feeling wealthy and/or abundant is when you have achieved your goals in a reasonable and legal manner. 'Reasonable' here means you don't go off your ability to accomplish your goal and thus the goal set by yourself must be SPECIFIC (and/or STRATEGIC), MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT and TIMELY. For example, an investor considers turning his annual income into semi-annual income over the next 2 years as his business has made huge inroads on producing handsome return in future. Alternatively, he may also consider affording two of his children at Harvard University for undergraduate/post-graduate program as they are going for tertiary education 5 years later.

    One of my sayings is if money or wealth and/or abundance can bring you happiness, are you pleased that you have accomplished your goals after striving after them for a long time? The answer is yes. You are now pleased about your performance, your promotion, your children receiving superb quality and environment-international education, about the house that you and your widow/husband have together amassed for a period of time, about the new car that you have made a great effort to afford, so on and so forth.

    All in all, that definition may now give you the feeling of wealth and abundance:)>-.
    Chỉnh sửa cuối: 12 Thg 11 2013
  9. thucuyen92

    thucuyen92 Gà kinh tế Econ tích cực

    i think it's a part of happiness because truly you can't live without money.
  10. ttquyen

    ttquyen Gà kinh tế Econ tích cực

    hay qua, thao luan the nao nhi?
  11. pandasg

    pandasg Gà kinh tế Econ tích cực

    no money, no talk. So money is an important, esp., in VN, money can make everything run smoothly...
    if you have a tons of money, you will have many beautiful girls, included Misses, around you. Money can make you happy and make u feel comfortable,.... that is happiness...
  12. chuyenchothuephong

    chuyenchothuephong ID bị khóa

    In my oppinion, money does't bring happiness. Because, Alot of people have alot of money, but they don't feel like happy. Money can buy everything except love.
  13. ductien050291

    ductien050291 Gà kinh tế Econ tích cực

    Money can make you freely
  14. binhsvh

    binhsvh Gà kinh tế Econ tích cực

    I feel bored
  15. babeo1211

    babeo1211 ID bị khóa Econ tích cực

    according to me, money is everything, you think me tell joking ? No, meny can buy everything, event love !
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